Motherly Wisdom: Lessons Learned from Our Moms

Take a minute and think about it: What lessons has your mom or motherly figure taught you? Maybe it’s the simple mantra she’d repeat often or the quiet guidance she’d impart through her actions.

At Cole’s Salon, we believe moms make everything happen, big or small, easy or hard. So we’re taking one day out of the 365 worthy of celebrating moms to reflect on what they’ve taught us over the years. See what some of our team members had to say:

“Soak up all the snuggles because these babies grow up quickly.”

– Jill H., from the Cole’s Corporate Team

“Always be grateful throughout the good and bad times, both will teach you a lesson.”

– Hannah D., designer from our Burnsville location

“Even if you’re on the right track, if you stop, you’ll get run over.”

– Emma N., esthetician at our Savage location, pictured here with mom Julie N., advanced designer and assistant manager at our Burnsville location

“Let them be little. Cherish their childhood.”


– Heather E. from the Cole’s Corporate Team

“Be kind to everyone and never be afraid to be you.”

– Hayden C., First Impression Team assistant manager at our Apple Valley location

“All are welcome.”

– Svea S., from Cole’s Corporate Team

“My grandma has always said ‘kids will be your best teacher in life.’

I couldn’t agree more! My kids have taught me more about life than any book or educator!”

– Tammy M., advanced designer at our Burnsville location

“Never give up!”

– Jen S., advanced designer and assistant manager Burnsville

“Hard work never goes unnoticed.

It takes time to earn trust. Once you have it, take care of it/don’t take it for granted.

Also, the kitchen isn’t finished being clean til the stove is wiped down and the floors are swept.”

– Becca N., FIT Corporate Manager

“Be patient and have faith.”

– Carmen O., Apple Valley Manager


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and motherly figures out there, from the entire Cole’s Salon team!



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