Making Self-care a Priority in 2022

Many have started the new year by making resolutions. I have made many resolutions in the past—from drinking more water and eating healthier to saving more money and seeing friends more often. In 2022, I’m keeping it simple—all I really want is to look and feel my best. That includes making selfcare a priority all year long, and giving myself grace when I slip up.  

I know that many people—especially moms—struggle with the concept of putting ourselves first. But I want to encourage you to change that mindset. Making our own mental and physical health a priority may be in our own self-interest, but it’s in other people’s best interest, too. Aging smart and well is a gift you can give yourself, and all those who love you, in 2022. Here’s what I’ll be focusing on:  

Stronger, healthier hair  

From heat styling to cold-weather frizz, my hair always needs a little TLC in the winter. Our lack of moisture in the air can create a flyaway frizzy nightmare! To fix this, my go-to product is Supershine from Oribe. Not only does it provide protection from heat styling (think blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners), it provides extra moisture for my dry winter hair. A small amount in clean damp hair gives my dull hair extra shine and manageability. When I feel like indulging myself, I go for a Renewal Remedy Treatment in the salon! A $40 add-on service to my winter haircut provides deep conditioning to my tresses and customization to my needs is just the perfect solution for dry, frizzy hair in the doldrums of winter.  

Relief from dry, cracked skin  

From cracked heels to itchy skin, we all can feel a little on the scaley side come January! I have several go-to’s for healthier looking skin. My favorites are Aveda’s Hand and Foot Relief Cream—Hand Relief repels water for up to three hand washes, and Foot Relief is infused with peppermint to relieve some of that soreness after a day of skiing or ice skating. My best kept secret is to hydrate your body from inside-out! I take my daily vitamin Time Capsule from Hush & Hush, but I also recently have incorporated their Hydrate+ beauty supplement. This daily vitamin has hyaluronic acid to hydrate my skin from within. After taking this supplement for a few weeks I noticed my skin no longer itched due to dryness! My skin feels softer and less irritated with this new product. 

TLC for my face

Now that I am (gulp) in my mid–40s…I want to look and feel beautiful. This year, I’m booking myself facials every six weeks! Yes, in my calendar, as a priority, is a classic facial. Not only does it provide a deep cleanse for my face and décolletage, it helps me de-stress with a neck and scalp massage, and our estheticians customize each facial for what your skin needs the most!

Cheers to self-care

As we head into 2022, prioritize your health and well-being. You are worth being on the A-list. Everyone who loves you knows it. Don’t let yourself forget it—book your new year service today.

Happy New Year!

Heather is on the corporate team at Cole’s Salon. 




Heather Ehresman

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