Make 2020 Your Healthiest Year Yet with Hush & Hush

Are you looking to make 2020 your healthiest year yet? As a Retail and Service Advisor at our Eagan Station salon, I love working with our guests to help them feel healthier and more confident, from the inside out!

And with Hush & Hush—the first line of luxury nutraceuticals that we’ve ever carried in the salon—I have new go-to recommendations for guests looking to:

  • Delay the aging process
  • Stay energized and feeling good all day
  • Restore hair and scalp health for longer, stronger, thicker strands
  • Reduce stress and increase mindfulness

Here’s a little more about the brand and products I’m loving.

The Story of Hush & Hush

Hush & Hush was founded by the husband-and-wife team behind IMAGE Skincare, Janna and Dr. Marc Ronert. The launch of this new company is the culmination of years of research dedicated to delaying the aging process. Noticing a void in the market for luxury nutraceuticals that provide multiple benefits, Dr. Ronert, a board-certified plastic surgeon, created a clean, clinical line backed by science.

Hush & Hush Products

Plant Your Day

Plant Your Day is a plant-based vegan protein powder (powered by pumpkin protein) with super greens, superfoods, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins to revitalize your body and get your day started. One of the reasons why I like Plant Your Day over other protein powders is because I love the taste! It has a smooth chocolate flavor that doesn’t taste chalky—I’m able to add it directly to my milk (dairy-free alternative work here, too!), shake and enjoy! I love the energy it gives me in the morning, and that it helps me get to lunch without any cravings. If you’re not one for a sit-down morning meal like me, Plant Your Day is for you! 

Time Capsule

This is a real game-changer and my personal favorite. Time Capsule is a daily youth-boosting supplement that minimizes the common signs of aging and prevents future damage with a blend of antioxidants, amino acids, and clean clinical vitamins. It also regenerates and balances the body and shields against external aggressors (including blue light!) for a younger looking you. Better yet? Time Capsule replaces the need for a multivitamin, protects against environmental damage, boosts energy levels AND doubles as a beauty supplement. If you’re looking for something simple that will offer the maximum protection against aging, Time Capsule is for you!   

Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted helps strengthen hair that has become weak, damaged and resistant to normal growth caused by over-styling, hormonal changes and the aging progress. This product is for both men and women that are concerned with thinning hair and hair loss and want thicker, longer, stronger, healthier hair. Just after three months of using Deeply Rooted, I can notice my hair feels thicker and just looks better! It has more shine, is less frizzy, and just behaves better when I try to style it. I recommend this product to everyone. It’s like the fountain of youth for hair, and who doesn’t want that?! 

Mind Your Mind

Finally, Mind Your Mind. I’m going to be totally honest—when I first heard about it, it was the one product I thought I needed the least. After using it for a few months, I have to say that I was so wrong! Mind Your Mind is a melatonin-free nutraceutical that calms your mind, body and soul. It helps reduce stress and mental clutter while helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. This is great for anyone who wants to “shut off” after a long day, calm down, relax and sleep soundly. More than anything, I love this product because it has improved the quality of my sleep. Not only do I not wake up as much in the middle of the night, but when I do my mind doesn’t start racing so I can quickly fall back to sleep. I also wake up more energized, and I don’t feel groggy in the morning. I recommend this for anyone who has trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or who just wants a better night’s sleep while waking up feeling energized.

Start Your Year Off Right!

I’m excited for you to try these beauty supplements! If you have any questions about this line, please feel free to reach out to me. I have found such amazing results in every single product, I would love for everyone to have the same experience. Plus, they make great gifts!

Cheers to health and beauty in 2020—from the inside out! 

Arin Pedersen is Retail and Service Advisor at Cole’s Salon Eagan Station. She can be reached at 651-456-9454 or arin@colessalon.com.



Arin Pedersen

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