Low-Key Summer Beauty Tips

Summer only lasts so long — especially in Minnesota! Sunny days are meant for patio hopping, cabin trips, ice cream runs and maximum enjoyment, not fussing with your hair in a humid bathroom or sweating off a full face of makeup. While we love nothing more than a full glam moment, there’s something about summer that makes us want to strip down our routines and focus on the fun. If you’re hoping for a more low maintenance routine to get you through July and August, look no further! Enjoy every moment of the glorious summer sunshine with easy, adaptable hairstyles and beauty tips to keep you looking good without a lot of work.

Lighten up your makeup.

A full face of foundation feels extremely heavy when it’s really hot and humid, so lighten up your go-to face for summer. Swap your full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturizer with SPF (we love Dream Tint from Jane Iredale) so you’re protected while out and about. Make your beauty products do double duty; tap on lipstick for a pretty stain and use the same shade on your cheeks like a cream blush. Use bronzer or shimmery blush as eyeshadow too for a pretty look in a pinch. 

If you’re really trying to save time on your routine, consider tinting your brows or getting lash extensions so you can skip the brow products and mascara entirely and make the AM easier.

Braid it!

Those childhood French braids are calling! Braided hairstyles are one of the best options for summer because they keep your hair off your face and can be worn a few days in a row if you don’t mind sleeping in them. If you’re jumping in the lake or the pool, you can let the braids dry and undo them for mermaid waves. Wins all around. The classic three-strand braid is a great place to start; pull your hair back in a simple single braid or throw it back to your kid years with pigtails, then pin them together for crown braids. The possibilities are truly endless.

Pack your beach bag with hair protection.

Heading to the lake or the pool? Don’t forget leave-in conditioner! Toss a bottle of your favorite leave-in along with your summer read and SPF to treat your hair while you enjoy the sun; spritzing a leave-in in can also help protect your hair from salt and chlorine. We like Aveda’s convenient Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner spray, which detangles and conditions. Another beach bag must-have? Bumble and bumble’s classic Surf Spray for those textured beachy waves, of course.

Embrace your natural hair texture.

Instead of spending hours straightening or curling your hair, enhance your natural texture to save time (and sweat if you don’t have AC in your bathroom!). Got curls or waves? Skip the flat iron or blowout and wear your hair natural so you don’t have to worry about humidity ruining your style. Straight hair? Consider experimenting with braids, buns or accessories to give your hair a little oomph. Regardless of your hair texture, never underestimate the power of a baseball cap or straw hat, a cute headband or even a few summer flowers tucked behind your ear.


The best summer moments tend to happen when you leave your worries behind and just live in the moment. Let the beauty and fun of the season be your inspiration and kick back, relax and enjoy yourself. 




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