Learning & Growing in Style with Stephen Moody

Earlier this month, we were honored to have industry icon, North America Hairstyling Award winner, and Wella Education Director Stephen Moody visit our salon for a few days of textured hair education and training. 

Stephen has been mentored and employed by Vidal Sassoon himself, and his amazing 41-year career shows. His attention to detail is remarkable and something to be admired! 

First, Stephen met with our team at Cole’s Salon for a day of education on how to cut and style textured hair. We worked with textured hair of all kinds—texture in highly curled hair to beachy natural and straight hair. My main takeaway from the day of education and training was—anything goes! The current trend is to go with your natural beauty and make it the best it can be. 

Next, we put our training into action with a hair show! I was fortunate enough to help with creating stage models. We collaborated with Stephen on final looks, but ultimately he gave us full creativity on color. My favorite! Fellow educators Kelsey Higgnbothem, Spencer Bergloff and myself colored all the models, and assisted on dressing and stage choreography.  

What a humbling experience to have someone like Stephen give us so much creative space in HIS show. We’re excited to bring the skills we learned to our chairs and give our clients the best textured tresses around!

Amanda Cade is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon Savage. You can follow her on Instagram at @haute_acade.



Amanda Cade

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