Keep Shining with Shinefinity by Wella

We’re excited to announce our newest in-salon service—just in time for those spring and summer vacation hair color appointments! Shinefinity is a zero lift, zero damage color glaze line from Wella you can request during your next color service. 

It’s All About Balance, the pH Balance. 

What’s unique about Shinefinity is its balanced approach to hair color. It regulates the pH during processing to a controlled range, while protecting the integrity of the hair. Not only does it have zero lift and zero damage, but it’s also free from ammonia, alcohol and silicones. I’ve tried it many, many times, and it’s truly a game changer. The line has amazing tones that can achieve many different looks from beige, icy, coppers and many more. The amount of shine you will get is remarkable!

Who Will Love Shinefinity? Probably You.  

For those of us who love to change up our hair tone often, Shinefinity provides a damage-less alternative to other color lines. The color line is also low to no maintenance, for our guests who don’t want so much color upkeep. 

Shinefinity by Wella is a perfect hair color option for a wide variety of our guests. This color line will add richness to dark haired guests, rid any brassy tones for the perfect icy blonde, and add shine to any shade. Our curly-haired guests have loved the added softness for their locks.Personally, I love using Shinefinity for toning extensions to seal up the ends and add shine. 

The only guests who should look elsewhere for their color are those with a lot of gray to cover. 

Ask to Try Shinefinity

Add dimension, shine and refresh your hair by asking your Cole’s Salon designer to try Shinefinity during your next color service. 

Julie Norstedt is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. You can follow her on Instagram at @julesnorstedt



Julie Norstedt

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