Jazz Up Your Look With These 5 Holiday Makeup Trends

The holiday season is here once again and offers a sparkling whirlwind of merriment and festivities. There’s so much to look forward to — everything from holiday parties and cookie making with family to Christmas markets and brunch with friends. This is a great time to get your creative juices flowing with all things fashion, beauty, and makeup. Here are five of the top makeup trends to play with this winter season.

Fresh, monochromatic skin

Makeup minimalists can rejoice because fresh skin is trending. This look is all about flawless, dewy skin. So instead of grabbing your makeup bag think about amping up your skincare. You’ll want to use hydrating serums, rich moisturizers, and creamy nighttime masks to get that healthy, dewy glow. Choose a foundation that is luminous versus matte and conceal where needed. When setting your foundation, ease up on the layers of highlighter that have been popular in past seasons. Instead to keep this trend current, use a shimmer setting powder on your cheek bones, cupid bow, brow bone, and bridge of nose. For the lips, add a little gloss or a hydrating balm and you are good to go!

Icy eyeshadow

The 2000s are making a comeback. That means frosty blue eyeshadows are in again. But we’ve learned a lot in the past 20 years, so this time around we are using a light hand and grabbing our fluffy blending brush to make sure those edges are nice and soft. Think you can’t wear blue eyeshadow? I assure you, you can. Anyone can wear this look if you have a nice foundation on, and a color corrective concealer if needed.

Metallic eyes

Metallics on the eyes are one of the most popular makeup trends this holiday season. This is a fun and easy way to have a festive look for your holiday party or just a day at work. This look includes anything from gold leaf to stark silver. To achieve this look try pressing a metallic shadow all over the base of the lid. Be careful with shadow fall-down, these types of shadows tend to be very pigmented and if you grab too much at once you’ll end up with shadow all over your under eye area. This look on the eye is complimented nicely with a deep, crisp black liner.

Floating eyeliner and embellishments on the eye

While once reserved for runways and photo shoots, free floating eyeliner coming in different shapes and colors is something you will now see while walking down the street, or shopping at your local Target. To achieve a look like this you will want bare skin, or a flesh toned shadow all over the lid, brow bone, and crease. Grab a liquid liner in a color of your choice. Be creative and try something fun, like a metallic blue or purple. Instead of swiping the line across the base of the lash line, carry the line from the tear duct across or slightly above the crease, curving down and ending at the outer corner of the eye. To make this look even more fun, add some rhinestones on top of your line. Rhinestone embellishments are very popular this season as well, and with a little patience, you can stick these anywhere.

Wine-stained lips

Red lips will be making their usual appearance this winter, this year in the shade of burgundy. There is nothing better than a bold statement lip. And this season try a slight spin on a classic by grabbing a deeper wine-stained tone. This is another look that anyone can wear with the right foundation and concealer. Some tips to achieving a flawless red lip is to conceal and powder your lips before applying your red. This will help you create crisper lines, as well as bind to the pigment, which helps your color last much longer. Applying a lip liner after your lipstick is another fool proof way to ensure those lines are precise and your lipstick lasts as long as possible.

So which trend are you looking forward to trying out most this holiday season? There are plenty of ways to amp up your look, whether it be shiny, metallic eyes or wine-stained lips. No matter what you choose, it’s a guarantee you’ll have fun playing around with makeup and skincare. 

Stacey is an Advanced Esthetician at our Burnsville salon. 



Stacey Wechsler

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