It’s Peel Season: All You Need to Know About our Favorite Fall Service

As summer winds down and my kids head back to school, I once again find myself with a little extra time for selfcare! For me, this usually means I can put more energy into my skincare. Especially after a long summer, I look forward to treatments like facial peels for more rejuvenation than I get through my normal skincare routine.

Whether you need an extra dose of hydration after all of those days out in the sun or you are looking to correct some of those age spots, fine lines or texture that have appeared over the summer, we can customize a chemical peel treatment that will help you achieve your desired results. IMAGE Skincare provides a range of peels that target specific areas of concerns such as lack of hydration, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and improving skin texture and tone. 

How does it work?

Their line includes two types of treatments: an enzymatic peel and a chemical peel. An enzymatic peel works by dissolving dead skin cells, supporting skin cell renewal and softening the texture of the skin with minimal irritation (a.k.a. minimal down time). Enzymatic peels—like our Signature Vital C Facial Peel—are excellent for more sensitive skin types and are a great introduction to peel treatments. A chemical peel typically uses alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic or lactic acid to break down the bonds of dead skin cells and help them slough off and reveal more illuminated skin. These acids help reduce fine lines, target congestion on the skin (acne) and support the skin’s collagen production over time. 

At Cole’s Salon, we offer both types of peels! I recommend the Signature Vital C Facial Peel as an introduction. This enzymatic peel is amazing for anyone who is looking for a lift in the appearance and texture of their skin. With little down time afterwards, and minimal sloughing of the skin, this is a great pre-event or post-girls-weekend treatment. This peel will give you an extra boost of hydration and will improve the overall tone of your skin.

For those of you who crave results and want to see skin care magic, the Perfection Peel is for you. It is my favorite service and it targets all of my “signs” of getting older. This peel is amazing!  I recommend it to anyone who wants to invest in their skin as we usually work up to this peel with clients over time. This treatment is best when done in a series of three to six services.

Need to know before you go

Before jumping into the world of chemical peels, you need to do a little bit of preparation. First up, you need the right at-home care regimen. I use the MD IMAGE Cleanser with the IMAGE MAX Crème daily. In the evenings I also add in the Total Ageless Serum. Good skin care is the key to great results. Finding the regimen that is right for you can be completed in a complimentary consultation with any of our estheticians.  

Next, take a look at your schedule. Skin shedding or skin sloughing is common. This happens typically 2-4 days after receiving the service. So don’t plan for any big date nights or family photos, especially after a more aggressive peel. Here’s how my skin looked sans makeup three days after my first treatment.

Last step, prepare for aftercare! Not only do you need to protect your skin, you also need to take care of your skin (remember you just exposed your skin to an aggressive treatment, it now needs a little TLC!). I love that at Cole’s we provide a post-treatment kit that comes with all your essentials in those first few days. However, the best results come to those who continue with their home care regimen for even longer. After treatments like these I always love to add in our Hyaluronic Filler into my skin care routine both in the AM and PM. 

I hope that this post clears up any questions you had about facial peels. I hope to see you at Cole’s trying out these treatments. Please reach out to us for a free consultation, if you are new to facial peels or want to customize your skin care regimen with help from an esthetician. 

Heather Ehresman is on the corporate team at Cole’s Salon.



Heather Ehresman

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