It’s All About Family at Cole’s Salon

Companies often discuss creating a work culture that feels like family, but we take it one step further here at Cole’s Salon. This story is a particular point of pride for us because it speaks to the heart of who we are; a place where talented beauty professionals can both launch and sustain a career, and a place where it’s so good to work, you might even support your own daughters joining the team. 

That’s the case for our Burnsville Advanced Designer, Julie Norstedt, who has worked with us for 33 years. Julie’s oldest daughter, Allie, started working at the front desk while she was in college, and has worked with us on and off through graduate school—as her school workload allows. She tells us it’s been her favorite job that feels like home. 

Julie’s youngest daughter, Emma, recently joined our Cole’s Salon in Savage as an Esthetician. Growing up, Emma thought of Cole’s as a “fun and exciting place to visit.” And what kid wouldn’t with memories like these? Emma remembers doing numerous photoshoots, being in the Cole’s parade, and “celebrating Cole’s at multiple anniversary parties and picnics.” 

But as Emma got older, she started to notice some other important things about her mom’s work life. Emma told us, “I began to notice the quality of the entire business and the excellent support that Cole’s has for their employees.” Emma witnessed her mom build a clientele that Julie calls “lifelong friends,” and train new talent. Emma also watched Julie travel all over the country to learn from top-notch beauty educators in Nashville, Florida, New York, Texas, and Las Vegas. 

Emma’s chosen path wasn’t exactly like Julie’s. Instead of choosing to become a Designer, her passion turned towards making people feel comfortable in their skin by taking care of it as an Esthetician. Emma could have chosen to work anywhere after graduating from beauty school. Still, she decided to work at Cole’s Salon because of “the family feeling…the continuing education…and the lifelong career support Cole’s is known to have.” 

Naturally, we wanted to ask Julie what advice she would give to Emma – and anyone – at the start of their Cole’s career. Julie gave us this list, which is sage advice for all of us: 

  • Be humble. 
  • Have fun. 
  • Share your knowledge
  • Dream big. 
  • Never stop learning. 
  • Be kind. 
  • Connect with your clients. Give them a piece of your heart. 
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. 
  • Invest in yourself. 
  • Bring people with you as you climb towards your goals. 
  • Ask for help when you need it. 
  • Learn from those who have gone before you. 

Thank you, Julie, Emma and Allie. We cannot imagine a better endorsement of our workplace than one that involves supporting your loved ones working with us. 

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Julie Norstedt

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  1. Julie has consistently lived by the sage advice she gives, both in her professional life and private life. I have been her client and friend for over 25 years and have witnessed these values she exemplifies. She has always spoken so highly of her Cole’s family and it is no wonder her girls have been drawn to this wonderful company. Good luck to Emma as she begins her career at Cole’s!

  2. I love Julie!!! Won’t go to anyone else! I lucked out when I met Julie 12 years ago as soon as we moved to Lakeville. Not only is she a magical artist with hair, she’s truly one of God’s beautiful people. I’m thrilled both daughters continue at Coles to spread their joy snd talents. Well deserved!

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