It’s 2022 and We Have a Superhero of a Serum for You

These days, social media seems to be loaded with a dizzying amount of information about skincare. It can be a challenge to navigate the many products, multi-step routines and recommendations from so many sources. That’s why it’s such a relief to have my  go-to product line, IMAGE Skincare. 

A Superhero of a Serum

For the first time in almost two years, I attended an in-person class to learn more about the new IMAGE Skincare line. It was wonderful to see people face-to-face, where we can get inspired, ask questions and have great conversations about skincare. I always find that I can learn the most when we are learning together in-person! 

Our IMAGE Skincare representatives and educators introduced us to the new products launched in 2022. They are all truly excellent, but my very favorite is a super hero of a serum! The IMAGE MD Restoring Power-C Serum is one you are going to want to use everyday. This high performing serum will improve hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. I’m sure you’re saying “YES, PLEASE!” because I sure was!

Proven, Tested Results 

In a clinical study where participants used Restoring Power-C Serum, after only one week, 80% of users reported their skin looked brighter. At the 12 week mark, 94% of study participants reported restored firmness and elasticity. These results speak for themselves! 

I’ve learned that what we use at home ON our skin adds so much to the way we feel IN our skin. A consistent skincare routine between facials with a trusted, proven brand like IMAGE Skincare will help you look and feel your very best. 

Available at Cole’s Salon

We are the first in the country to learn about, try and retail the amazing new products from IMAGE Skincare, so come check them out at Cole’s Salon today! 

Kelly Sazama is an Advanced Esthetician at our Apple Valley spa. 



Kelly Sazama

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