Introducing the Hydrafacial

As we approach the winter, we are starting to see and feel changes in our skin. This usually consists of an abundance of dead skin buildup, dryness, and an overall dull look that we can never seem to get rid of. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new, advanced exfoliation and mega-hydration service to help combat these typical winter obstacles: Hydrafacials!

What is a Hydrafacial?

A Hydrafacial is a medical-grade advanced procedure that is made to thoroughly cleanse, extract, and hydrate your barrier to give you the skin of your dreams. The magic of the Hydrafacial happens through a wand loaded with customized peels and boosters. These peels and boosters are chosen by your esthetician and based on your concerns to best achieve your skin goals.

Think the “suction” of microdermabrasion meets serums, chemical peels, and antioxidants being simultaneously delivered into the skin as the wand glides. The coolest part? Everything collected from the surface of your skin is pulled through the system and is collected into a jar, also known as the Gunkie, and you are able to see all of the dirt, dead skin, old makeup, and discolored oil that was sitting on the surface. Talk about instant results!

What Hydrafacial Services are available? 

We have three Hydrafacial services available:

Our 30-minute Signature Hydrafacial consists of a thorough cleanse, a customized chemical peel, painless extractions, and an infusion of mega hydration and antioxidants! 

Our 45-minute Deluxe Hydrafacial is the next level up. In addition to the steps above, LED light therapy and a customized booster serum are added. The combination of LED lights and the hand-selected booster drastically boosts your collagen, evens your skin tone, and speeds up your skin’s healing process. 

Lastly, we have our 60-minute Platinum Hydrafacial. This has all of the contents of the Deluxe Hydrafacial, but we start the service with some relaxing and effective lymphatic drainage. This reduces swelling or puffiness found in the face from excess fluid or waste sitting underneath the skin. By draining it out and down the lymphatic system, our face is left sculpted and depuffed. In the long run, this will also improve tone and texture with consistency.

Who needs a Hydrafacial?

I truly believe that the best candidate for a Hydrafacial is a person with a face—this treatment would be incredible for anyone! By talking with your esthetician about your concerns and goals, you will achieve great leaps in both the appearance and feel of your skin. 

This service is for someone who wants effective, thorough, long-lasting results. The Hydrafacial is incredible for consistently working towards a goal for your skin through regular treatments, but it’s also great right before an event to give your skin an instant refresh.

If you are just beginning to dabble in the skincare world, talk to your esthetician about what would be best for you. I always like to ensure that someone is on a well-suited, consistent skincare routine at home first and foremost. Having that routine (especially with a daily SPF) guarantees longer-lasting and more effective results from your service. Skincare treatments can be a quick rise and fall without a routine at home, but consistent homecare shifts that instant, quick-fix gratification into constant, long-lasting results.

What products should I be taking home?

Hydrafacial is known for leaving you with a “glazed donut” look; in other words, the ultimate glow! Here are our top recommendations to keep you in your “glazed donut” era.

With any advanced service, sunscreen is a must. The Prevention+ Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 from IMAGE Skincare has quickly become a fan favorite! This is a daytime moisturizer that gives you ultra hydration and glow, has sun protection, and includes pigment to visibly even out your skin tone. You can truly let your skin breathe and stay hydrated post-treatment without having to feel like you need a full face of makeup on. 

For a skin serum, a personal favorite is the Power-C Restoring Serum from IMAGE Skincare. With its high amounts of both vitamin C and hyaluronic acid—aka an esthetician’s dream ingredient combination—you are guaranteed to look supple and radiant with just a few drops underneath your moisturizer. This serum also helps to pull unwanted pigment and discoloration out of the skin, and drastically helps your skin with water retention—an easy favorite!

Finally, a moisturizer, but more specifically the Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme from IMAGE Skincare. This features vitamins A and C for your tone, texture, and brightness, as well as hyaluronic acid and ceramides to soothe, heal, and lock in moisture. This is an amazing product to seal in the toners, serums, and essences you’ve put on your skin!

Even though this procedure has no downtime, we still can acknowledge that we are experiencing more exfoliation than usual, and want to do everything in our power to keep it hydrated and nourished for the best possible results.

We hope to see you at Cole’s Salon for your Hydrafacial! We are beyond excited to be able to completely customize your treatment, and be able to give you the skin of your dreams!

Grace J. is an esthetician at Cole’s Salon in Cedar Cliff. You can follow her on Instagram at @esthibygrace.



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