How to Wear Bright Colors in Your Beauty Routine

When spring and summer finally roll around, everyone in the Twin Cities seems eager to throw off their winter layers of black and dark grey and really embrace color, whether that’s with shoes, bags, cute spring coats, a new wardrobe, or a bright and fun beauty look. Blame it on the weather if you will, but there’s something so refreshing about a new season and the shades of nature that accompany it, from the buds on the trees to the tulips in your neighbor’s yard. If you’ve been yearning for some color in your life (and your beauty routine), let us help you get started with incorporating bright hues into your go-to looks.

Nail polish

If you’re just dipping your toes (pun intended) into the world of color, start with a mani-pedi. It’s the best way to test out a new palette because if you hate it, no big deal—it’s easily removable! Our nail techs can help you pick the perfect shades based on your skin’s undertones—if you’re cool-toned, you might want to try a violet purple, while warm tones can rock a major orange like nobody’s business. Step out of your comfort zone and try a new hue or two this season; you can even add a bright shade on just two fingers as an accent and go crazy with added glitter too! Plus, nobody does nail polish like one of our favorite brands, Smith & Cult. You might just get addicted.


OK, we’re not saying you need to dip into ‘80s-style hot pinks and blues—unless you want to. Actually, we take that back about the hot pink…just wear it on your lips instead of on your cheeks! We love a bright poppy pink come summertime because it looks SO good with a tan; bronze up with a Jane Iredale bronzer, then slick on a hot pink liner and lipstick from Aveda’s new Feed My Lips lineup to really pack a punch. If pink isn’t your shade, bright red-orange is always gorgeous with sunkissed skin.


If a certain shade of the rainbow is really speaking to you, indulge yourself and go for it! We’d love to help make your color dreams come true, though if your hair is currently dark it may take a few sessions to lighten it up enough to add colored dye. A low-maintenance way to add a fashion color to your hair is with a little tint in a gloss; you can go pink without breaking rules at work!

If you want to try something more vibrant, there are a few important rules

First, you need to get your hair in great shape with damage treatments and intensely moisturizing and nourishing hair care products. Fashion shades tend to mean bleach, and bleach can mean damage if it isn’t done right. Work with your Cole’s colorist to go slow and steady for the most beautiful color—it will be worth it! Use Aveda’s Damage Remedy leave-in treatment, Daily Hair Repair, to give your hair an extra dose of strength each day.

Once you’ve booked your appointment, hung out in the chair, and left with your dream color, protect it! We LOVE Oribe’s color care line, Beautiful Color, because it gently cleanses while preserving the tone and shine of your color. It’s may be a bit of an investment but you don’t want to see your color going down the drain! Try not to shampoo as often—skip a wash or two with some dry shampoo. A cold water rinse will also help your color stay true longer.

If you want to try a little color but aren’t looking for a full-on statement shade, add a few fun streaks to your existing color. You can hide them so they only show when your hair is up, or place a few near your face to make your look pop.

Summer is short, so take advantage of it and channel your best, brightest self all through the warmer months!



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