How to Get the Perfect Brow: Expert Tips and Tricks

There’s no denying it—brows are in. A gorgeously full, defined pair of eyebrows are practically a beauty requirement these days. So how you get that perfect #browsonfleek look?

Here are some quick and easy eyebrow hacks that will change your beauty game.

Threading vs. Waxing

The first step to the perfect brow is to remove those pesky hairs outside of the natural brow shape. This can be done in two ways—threading or waxing. Some people have no preference when it comes to threading vs. waxing, but in some cases one technique may be better for you.

Threading—the process of removing even the tiniest of hairs from the follicle using a cotton thread—can be a better choice if you’re using retinol or strong acne treatments and/or have a sensitivity to hot wax. But in most cases, determining which one is better for you is just personal preference. If you can, try out both techniques to see which one is the best fit.

Filling In

Using a brow product to fill in sparse areas is typically the most challenging part, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a few easy-to-use products that will make your daily eyebrow routine much easier.

  • Pencil: Eyebrow pencils are good for filling, defining, and achieving hair-like precision.
  • Powder: Powder creates a shadow under the hair of the brows, making them appear fuller and denser. Pair brow powder with a thin angled brush for the best application.
  • Gel: Gel acts as hairspray for your eyebrows as it holds and defines each and every hair. Most people prefer using gel with a pencil or powder for brows that last all day, but it can be perfect on its own for people with naturally thick brows.
  • Revitabrow: A great addition to any brow routine is the Revitabrow Eyebrow Conditioner. Just a few swipes on each brow daily protects against breakage and brittleness while promoting growth in sparse areas.

Tips & Tricks:

Our strongest suggestion for anyone looking to find their perfect brow is to try out different brow products and grooming techniques to see which one is right for you. Some people prefer powder while others like to define with a pencil. Sometimes even a combination of multiple products and techniques can make for the best look. Here are some other general tips:

  • Get on a regular waxing or threading schedule. This can be a game-changer. When your brow hairs are on the same growth cycle, it reduces the sparse hairs popping up shortly after a wax or thread. This means more time in between visits and a cleaner look.
  • Get color-matched. Find a brow product that’s within 1-2 shades of your hair color with a similar undertone. Jane Iredale offers a variety of shades in pencils, powder, and gels. Stop by the salon to try one or all three!
  • Use the measuring trick.ji-eye-shader Use a pen or makeup brush to measure the beginning, arch, and end of your brow. Just like the photo to the right—the beginning of your brow should start vertically up from the side of your nostril. The peak of your arch should be measured from the outer of your nostril directly through the center of the eye. The tail of the brow should end directly in line with the outer of your nostril and the outer corner of your eye.

Most importantly, remember that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Don’t worry if both brows aren’t perfectly symmetrical. Practice makes perfect! And of course, we’re always here to help. Give us a call if you need extra guidance—we’ll show you the perfect brow way!




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