How to Get the Best Haircut Ever

You know the feeling: You’ve just left the salon. Your hair is freshly cut just the way you like it. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you’re smiling at everyone. Everything is going your way —- and it’s all because of your haircut!

There’s really nothing like a great new cut. It enhances your hair texture, makes your features pop, and gets rid of all those dry, dead ends. But nailing the best cut ever isn’t always a seamless process. We’ve all had cuts that were slightly less than perfect. If you want to communicate your vision to your stylist and make some magic together, these tips will help you achieve the haircut of your dreams.

Do some research

First, if you’re looking for a new stylist, ask your friends and coworkers with great hair where they go. Do you follow a few local influencers? See if they tag their stylist. Do you prefer certain product lines? You should be able to find that info on a salon’s website. Scroll around their Instagram and see whose work you gravitate towards, or give a few salons a call and ask them if they have a stylist who specializes in your hair texture or desired style.

Get the lingo right.

If you’re making a big change, it helps to know the key terms for the cut you’re envisioning. Are you thinking of a lob? A French bob? A subtle shag? Check out our Ultimate Haircut Glossary and do some clicking around beauty publications, Instagram, or Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Which leads us to our next step …

Bring photos!

Remember those hairstyle magazines that were always in the salon? Pinterest and IG may have replaced those, but the thought still stands. Save photos and screenshots of cuts you like — the more, the better! Loving Selena Gomez’s bob? Take a screenshot!

It’s also a great idea to bring pictures of yourself when your hair looked its best. Your stylist can see how your hair was styled and worn and get inspiration from those photos. (This is especially helpful if you’re working with a new stylist.)

Come with an open mind.

A great haircut requires teamwork. It’s all about communication and collaboration with your stylist. You may need to slightly tweak your vision due to your hair type or styling preferences, but that’s ok! You’ll be happier with the end result that way.

If you have questions, ask!

Not sure what a blunt cut is? Curious about the difference between long layers and choppy layers? Ask! Your stylist will be happy to explain; it’s your hair, after all, so you should be informed about what they’re doing to it.

Too much information is better than no information.
Be specific about everything related to your hair: how you style it, what products you use, how often you wash, any changes in texture, and so on.

Be realistic.

While your stylist can definitely customize cut styles to your hair texture, some cuts just may not work out for you. If you have curls and want a cut you’ll have to straighten but hate styling your hair, it’s not a great fit for your day-to-day life.



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