Hair Transformation Update: Kassie’s Dark-to-Blonde Journey

Remember when we told you about a Cole’s Salon designer who turned her brown locks to platinum blonde in one day? Here’s a picture below for a reminder!

Ten months later, here’s how Kassie is maintaining the health of her hair and the vibrancy of her color:

“Since going blonde, I have had to lighten and tone my roots on average every 4.5 weeks. I have also had fun playing with a few different shades of blonde—ashy, beige, and even a lilac shade. Also since making the switch from dark to light last September, I have cut probably near 18 inches of my hair off, partly for fun but also to maintain the health of my hair with this fun color. I look forward to trying out some fun new colors this fall!”

Stay tuned as Kassie continues to document her hair transformation. If you’re interested in making any dramatic hair color changes, call us today and schedule a consultation!

Kassie is a Designer at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. Call her at (952) 435-8585 with your hair color questions.



Kassie Dudley

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