Hair Products to Get You Out of That Winter Rut

Winter got you in a rut? I was in the same position until a few weeks ago, when I took a trip to New York City to attend a Bumble and bumble Bb.University class. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect—now I’m feeling excited and inspired to share with you what I learned!

After the class, I walked away with a new favorite hair product combo (shout out to Sabrina Michals, Bumble and bumble editorial stylist extraordinaire, for the tips): Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder and Semi Sumo.

Let’s break down each product and how I use them in my hair.

Prêt-à-Powder: a super lightweight powder that’s equal parts dry shampoo, style extender and volume. I use the powder on days I shampoo to give my fine, soft hair lift and an airy texture. I especially love this product at my roots for volume. For day two or three after shampooing, Prêt-à-Powder changes roles and cleanses my scalp and refreshes my style. I love how it absorbs the oil around my hairline as well.

After I apply Prêt-à-Powder, I layer Semi Sumo on top.

Semi Sumo: an out-of-this-world pomade that is strong on shine and soft on hold. It adds detail to my style while also giving me workability throughout the day. Because Prêt-à-Powder has a matte finish, layering Semi Sumo on top of it gives my hair the shine my hair needs. I also love how it controls my fly aways and any frizz I may get as the day goes on.

Here’s how I apply both products:

Both Bumble and bumble products are available at Cole’s Salon, and are guaranteed to give your hair a much-needed mid-winter boost. Stop in soon to grab yours and ask your stylist for styling tips!

Xo, Molly



Molly Hiller

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