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This blog is a part of our August series observing
National Hair Loss Awareness Month

I begin all of my consultations with “what are we doing today?” Most often, women start by telling me how they want more volume, think their hair is too thin, they wish their hair was longer, and/or they don’t like the natural breakage they have in the front of their face. My usual answer to their concerns is, “did you know we can fix that today?” Their faces are usually shocked and confused, like I have told them the secret to getting rich. 

A lot of my extensions knowledge is personal. I used to have beautiful, thick, long hair and because of medication my hair fell out and will never be the same. I’ve worn four types of extensions for the past 10 years and most people have never seen my real hair. I understand the insecurities hair loss causes. I don’t feel like me without them, and that’s why I LOVE working with extensions to help others feel good about themselves again. 

Extensions aren’t just for people that want long hair 

A common misconception about hair extensions is that they are only for people who want longer hair. They are also for people that have fine hair or thin hair that just want the fullness. Yes, most of my guests have fine, thin hair and want long, thick mermaid hair. But I do also have a demographic of guests that are older and just want extensions around the face to fill in breakage or thinning spots. 

Extensions don’t have to put strain on your hair

The number one concern when I bring up extensions to guests is well I heard they break your hair off. That’s why I love that we work with easihair pro extensions. They are the only brand that is certified to not cause hair loss or breakage from extensions by the American Hair Loss Society. So I can confidently tell my guests that they will NOT cause breakage or hair loss. They offer tape in extensions, hand tied extensions, and clip in hair pieces. Between those three options, you are guaranteed to find something that works for your hair and lifestyle! 

Kaylyn is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon in Savage. Follow her on Instagram at @HairByKaylynPieper.



Kaylyn Stewart

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