Freshen Up for Fall

How is it already September? The summer of 2020 flew by and autumn is officially on the horizon. Things probably look a lot different than they normally do; your kids may be learning via Zoom classrooms and you’re probably still working from home, but despite the unique situation, you may be yearning for a good old fashioned fall beauty refresh. That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you find a fall look you love even if you’ve been busy playing amateur stylist from home. 

First things first: Our salons are open and running as normally as possible, with extra emphasis on cleanliness, social distancing when possible and safety. We want you to feel comfortable coming to see us and are doing everything we can to keep the Cole’s vibe alive while focusing on keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Spice up your look at the salon

Let us fix your COVID-19 at-home hairstyles! We know you’ve been touching up your roots and trimming your bangs at home, and we totally get it. However, you may be in need of a pro’s touch when it comes to those dead ends and pesky grays. Come in for a cut and color and we’ll help correct any mistakes—no judgement! 

Warm up your chosen shade. Fall means rich brunettes, golden blondes and vibrant copper reds to match the changing leaves. Give your color an autumnal touch for the new season and you’ll feel like yourself, only way cozier and ready for a fall and winter snuggled up at home. 

Treat yourself to a mani-pedi. It’s just not the same when you DIY, is it? If you missed the relaxing and rejuvenating touch of our professional mani-pedis, it’s time to get back in the chair and enjoy our signature pampering and glam polish colors in fall-ready shades. If you’ve been playing the role of mom, chef, teacher and star employee, you deserve it. 

Adjust your go-to hairstyle and makeup look. Your new more virtual life has probably changed the way you do your hair and makeup. Have you discovered that you need to be able to wear your hair up and off your face, or is the length driving you nuts? Has going makeup-free changed the way you think of your beauty routine, or do you really, really miss wearing lipstick? We’d love to know what you’ve learned over the past few months and help you tweak your cut, skincare or makeup to suit your lifestyle as it is now. We can also teach you some easy styling hacks if you need to be Zoom-ready in a flash on an off day.

… And at home

Invest in healthy hair. When your hair feels healthy and cared-for, it looks better, longer. Ask your Cole’s stylist for product recommendations to keep your crowning glory looking its best, whether you need color protection, damage treatments or simple everyday maintenance. Do regular deep conditioning masks if your hair is dry or damaged, and stay away from hot tools if you can help it—especially if you’re not going anywhere! 

Resist the urge to DIY! We know, you’ve gotten used to doing your own hair at home, but please, don’t chop your long hair into a bob or bleach your roots simply because you watched a YouTube video or two. Trust us with the big stuff, okay? 

Make time for self-care. Whatever self-care looks like for you, do it—and do it often! You’re juggling so many roles, trying to keep everyone healthy and happy and adjust to a new normal, and it’s not easy for anyone. Lock the bathroom door and take a long, hot bath. Go for a walk or run by yourself. Get your nails done at Cole’s. Call a friend or have a socially distanced glass of wine with your BFF. Just make sure to carve out time to do what makes you happy and focus on you for a few minutes every day.

Not sure what’s right for you? Give us a call.

Our team is here to help you find the best product or service for you. Bonus: You can now schedule 10-minute virtual shopping appointments with a member of our team. Just call your preferred salon or book online!



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