Four Things We’re Thankful for This Year

We have so much to be thankful for at Cole’s Salon. Not only were we once again named a Star Tribune Top 150 Workplace this year, but we celebrated more than 42 years of service to our wonderful community. And together, we made it through another challenging year thanks to the support of our amazing guests. 

We’re thankful beyond words, and we know many of our team members at Cole’s Salon are, too. So we asked some of them what they’re grateful for this year, and here’s what they had to say.

1. Our Cole’s Family

“I am also grateful for my team at Cole’s Salon. Not only do I get to call them my friends but they support me like family, and for that I am forever thankful!”Nikki 

“I am also grateful for the friendships and relationships I have with my co-workers. Eagan Station is my home away from home, my family away from family. If anything, I think the last  two years have brought us closer together.”Brittany 

“This past year I’m very grateful for all the clients and coworkers who have become more like family/friends than ever before! I am also grateful for the work/life balance that Cole’s allows us to have! I’m able to have my creative outlet and income yet when I’m home, I’m able to concentrate on my family and be 100% present.” – Ashley Parshley

2. Our Guests

“Aside from an amazing company and family-like coworkers, I’m SO grateful for ALL of my guests. They are like family, too. We have grown together and have been supportive of each other over many years.” – Taylor

“I am thankful for guests who feel like family and for owners who care and love us!” – Kaylyn

“I am grateful for the family I have at work that kept work a fun place to come during this crazy time. And of course I am grateful for my clients.” – Taytum

3. Family 

“I am grateful for my beautiful, healthy family, my friends, pets, and all the love, kindness and laughs they share. I am thankful for a beautiful home and the many other blessings I am able to afford (there are many)! It’s an amazing feeling to see the joy we have around us each and every day!” – Lisa Lewis

“This past year I am grateful for the endless amount of memories I’ve made with my family and friends. After a year of being behind a mask, it has been so refreshing seeing everyone smile and true happiness.” – Roni Weston

“I am grateful for my home, husband and the life we have started together. I am also grateful for my clients and coworkers for being so supportive.” – Kristine Parker

4. Health and Stability

“I am grateful for the stability I had in this last year, especially when many other people didn’t have that. I am also grateful for the support from family and friends.” – Taytum Martell

This year, our team is grateful for our Cole’s family, and the stability each one of us has at the salon. We also appreciate the work/life balance we are afforded. Each of us are thankful for the health of loved ones, being able to travel again, and the ability to celebrate new babies, engagements, and marriage.” – Cedar Cliff team

“I am also grateful for a workplace that I love, with coworkers I adore, and a culture that is kind, giving, and pure joy in every way! I’m grateful for the leadership, education, and encouragement.” 

Thank You to Our Guests

We are also thankful for you—our Cole’s Salon guests and the wonderful communities in which we’re honored to provide our services. Thank you for allowing us to serve generations of families and to be a part of so many of your traditions. Cheers to a beautiful holiday season!



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