Feeling Skinspired with IMAGE Skincare’s New Products

Last month, we were lucky to once again host IMAGE Skincare CEO and Founder Janna Ronert for the 2019 IMAGE Skincare Worldwide Launch Party, where our skincare professionals got an exclusive sneak peek at the latest and greatest for 2019.

To celebrate the success of the company and Janna’s innovative skincare approach, we’re sharing all the reasons why we love IMAGE and featuring some of our favorite new IMAGE products!

Why we love IMAGE

IMAGE Skincare is so special to us because of its mission—to create an easy, clean and affordable way to help people age later. Between IMAGE CEO and Founder Janna (an esthetician) and her husband Dr. Marc Ronert (a board-certified plastic surgeon), you could say they know skin inside and out—how to protect it, what makes it healthy, and how to keep it looking younger.

And did you know that Cole’s Salon was IMAGE’s very first customer? We’re proud to be the first salon that ever carried their products. Today, IMAGE beauty products are offered in 60 countries, and they have numerous award-winners (including the most recent award—LNE & Spa’s Best Product Award for its YANA Daily Collagen Shots) and many celebrity endorsements. We’re thrilled to call Janna a partner and friend, and support her in her vision for innovation, education, support, culture and giving back.

Favorite new IMAGE products

There were so many reasons to feel SKINSPIRED after our day with Janna and the IMAGE team, and the new 2019 products were a huge part of it. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorites:

  • Firming Transformation Mask: This blue shimmer mask fights skin stressors for happy, healthy-looking skin. A curated ingredient blend leaves your skin glowing with a firm, smooth and plump appearance.                            
  • Purifying Probiotic Mask: With its blend of yogurt-based probiotics and antioxidant superfruits, this clean-green detox mask is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to defy the look of dullness, fatigue and signs of damage. Extracting green clay and charcoal purify pores, leaving skin smooth and refined.
  • I Beauty Facial Wipes: These daily cleansing wipes remove dirt, debris, and makeup—including waterproof mascara! The wipes also have hydrating properties as well, so your skin won’t be left feeling dry and irritated.

This is what Izzy, Esthetician at Cole’s Salon Savage, has to say about the new IMAGE products: The IMAGE launch party is something I look forward to every year! One of my personal faves from this year’s launch is the new I Beauty Facial Wipes that contain a combination of super fruits and aloe vera that will leave your skin soft and refreshed after each use. These are amazing if you are on the go or are a frequent traveler! You can even use this as a pre-cleanse to remove your makeup, then follow up with your favorite IMAGE cleanser to ensure that fresh-clean feeling.

IMAGE also introduced two new masques this year, one being the new firming transformation masque. This masque is amazing both for professional services as well as for an at-home spa treatment! With a blend of hyaluronic acid (a gold standard for hydration!), the light exfoliation of jojoba beads, and several other hydrating ingredients, this masque is sure to leave you wanting more. This masque can be used three to five times a week or as needed on clean, fresh skin. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a new probiotic masque that is the key to beautiful, clear skin. With a probiotic, activated charcoal, and essential vitamins, this clarifying masque will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy without over drying. If you are looking for a quick skin pick-me-up, these products are for you. I am so excited to introduce these new staples into my routine!”

We were so honored to have Janna with us to share her passion and vision for her company and products. Stop into any Cole’s Salon location and try out the new IMAGE products out today!



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