Everything You Need to Know About Bangs

It’s the eternal question: Should I get bangs? Maybe you’ve had them before and loved them, or maybe you’ve always wanted to dip your toes into the world of bangs but haven’t yet gotten the courage to do so. As salon professionals, we definitely understand the allure of bangs; we’ve had a fringe or two ourselves time and time again, and some of us have rocked bangs since we were kids.

The magic of bangs is that they can be whatever you want them to be: blunt and heavy, flirty Bardot-inspired, retro baby bangs, side swept—the possibilities are endless. Plus, they’re an easy way to change up your look without having to commit to a major haircut or color change. If you’ve been grappling with the idea of getting bangs, let us fill you in on everything you need to know!

Figure out which bangs you want.

Take a peek at your favorite celebrities and Pinterest before you head to the salon so your stylist can see which bang types appeal to you. It’s an easy way to start the process—you can see how celebrities with a similar face shape or hair type to yours wear their bangs.

Don’t do it yourself!

The days of cutting your own bangs should stay in your childhood. Your hair is not Barbie hair! If you’re feeling the urge to chop your own bangs, stop right now and head into the salon for some professional help.

You CAN have bangs if you have textured hair.

If your curly or wavy hair is what’s holding you back from getting bangs, don’t worry! Curly bangs are having a moment; they look super fun, casual and cool. If you’re concerned about length, ask your stylist to cut dry so you know exactly how long they’ll be. If you have curls or waves and would prefer straight bangs, blow dry them first as soon as you get out of the shower so they don’t settle into a curl pattern as they dry.

You will need to come in for regular trims.

You may have to get your bangs trimmed every three to six weeks, so if you’re not willing to make that commitment, bangs may not be for you. This also depends on the kind of bangs you get, as longer bangs won’t require as much maintenance as a short baby bang style.

You may need extra help in the winter.

Static + bangs = not a great pairing. To combat frizz and hat hair, keep some lightweight hairspray on hand or spritz in a little dry shampoo before and after taking off your fave beanie to keep your bangs in place.

You can totally wash them without washing the rest of your hair.

Yes, you can keep your bangs looking good after a sweaty workout or a hot day! Either shampoo them separately from the rest of your hair and blow dry quickly, or fake it with dry shampoo. We always recommend keeping bangs pulled off your face with a stretchy headband during a workout so you don’t have to deal with them in your eyes as you get moving.

There are TONS of different bang styles, so there’s definitely one that will look good on you.

When you come in to make the chop, your stylist will consider your hair texture, face shape and ask you how you usually style your hair. These are all important clues to finding the perfect bangs for you. Side-swept bangs are great for round face shapes, while curtain bangs (like the ones Brigitte Bardot made famous) look good on everyone, especially those with long hair.  

The grow-out can be a pain.

If you decide bangs aren’t for you, the grow-out process can be a bit of a pain. Remember that everything takes time, and experiment with styling as your bangs grow back. Try pinning them to the side or braiding a longer bang into your hair to keep them off your face.

But it’s all about the journey.

At least once a day we have a guest or two coming in asking about bangs—so let us know if you’re thinking about making the change! We’re happy to answer questions, test run any new ideas, and make your hair dreams come true.



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