Easy Tips to Solve COVID-19 Beauty Dilemmas

If you’re at all like us, you’ve probably invested in a few different masks in fun colors and patterns and have gotten used to the routine of wearing one, but you may also be dealing with some pretty un-fun skin issues—like irritation and breakouts, not to mention those dry, itchy hands from all that sanitizer use. We feel your pain! If you’ve visited one of our locations over the past few weeks, you’ve seen how seriously we’re taking this situation, and we know you are too. 

While we’re following the rules and working together to kick the virus to the curb, our beauty routines may be suffering just a bit. Here are a few of our favorite tips for irritated skin, dry hands and more. 

Mask-ne and More

Dry, dull lips are a bummer all year round. You’re probably skipping your favorite lipstick and gloss shades since your lips are hidden behind your mask, but you may notice extra dryness regardless. Slough off dry skin with a warm washcloth or toothbrush, then spread a thick, emollient balm over your lips each night to pamper your pucker. Before you leave the house, make sure to apply a layer of balm and consider keeping an extra in your bag. 

Banish breakouts! Our number one tip for reducing mask-related breakouts is to make sure you’re regularly washing your mask. It’s super close to your skin and probably covered in makeup, oil and more, so keep it clean! We recommend buying several masks to rotate through and making it a weekly habit to wash them in super hot water to sanitize.

If your skin is feeling irritated, be gentle. Skip rough washcloths, abrasive products and too-strong treatments and give it a break with gentle cleansers and simple serums and lotions. If you need to bring in the big guns, our amazing estheticians can help you figure out a new skincare routine that will calm any acne or irritation without stressing out your skin. 

Replace your mask with a spa version! When you get home and toss your mask into the laundry, pamper your skin with a soothing mask treatment. We love Eminence Organics, especially their Clear Skin Probiotic Masque. It’s a win-win: your skin gets some TLC and you can sneak away and lock the bathroom door for some much-needed me time.

Whole-Body Wellness 

Between running a household, all those Zoom meetings at work and trying to keep life as normal as possible in a global pandemic, you may not always have time to eat right. While a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains is the best way to support your health and wellness, life gets in the way. We’ve recently added Hush & Hush beauty supplements to our lineup of products and we’re obsessed with their beautiful benefits. The powerful combo of vitamins, minerals and botanicals helps you feel great from the inside out and supports your body’s natural defenses. 

Give Yourself a Hand

Do you have a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag, your car and by the front door? Are you constantly wiping down surfaces with antibacterial cleaner and scouring the house with Mr. Clean? Are your hands feeling the pain? If you answered yes to any and all of these questions, you need the legendary classic, Aveda’s Hand Relief, and fast! It’s a bestseller for a reason—it’s incredibly moisturizing but not sticky or heavy, it has a light herbal scent that doesn’t overpower and it lasts through three washes. You can slather it on all day and even go hardcore and apply a thick layer at night, then add gloves to really seal in the moisture. If you have a doctor, nurse or other essential worker in your life, treat them to a bottle too!

Come Visit Us!

Our designers, nail techs and estheticians are also here to help! ICYMI: All Cole’s Salon locations have resumed shampooing and blow drying for all relevant services, as well as other services such as facials and massage that have been limited over the past month. And best of all—online booking is once again available for all Cole’s locations. Click here to make your appointment today!  






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