Easy Holiday Hairstyles You Can Do at Home

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means one thing: holiday parties! (Well, it also means shopping, hosting family and more, but stay with us here.) Maybe your company hosts a massive bash to celebrate, or you’re playing the role of “plus one” for your new boyfriend or girlfriend for their holiday party this year, or you’re getting a jump on your look for New Year’s Eve.

Either way, you want to look good, and may not want to spend a lot of time or money on your hair. We know you love coming to visit your Cole’s stylist for a cut or color, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to book a blowout or an updo and want to try your hand at styling your own hair. We totally get it! If you’ve got a few festive events on your calendar for December and January, here are a few of our (totally attainable) holiday party looks.

The crown braid

Show off a sexy neckline and keep your hair off your face with a crown braid. We love this style because it’s really easy to customize to your hair texture and length. A few ways to rock the crown braid:

  • Part your hair deeply to one side, braid, and pin at the base of your hairline. Repeat on the other side and pin, then attach a pretty bow or even a sparkly brooch where the two braids meet.
  • Part your hair into two sections. Tie one section aside, then take a small section of the loose side and start braiding. Secure your braid with a small clear elastic, then do the same on the other side and tie the two braids together in a half-crown style. Spritz some hairspray and you’re done. Easy, right? You could add a bit of holly to the braid or curl the ends if you’re feeling extra festive!

The simple, modern updo

A chignon style is much simpler than it sounds. Gather your hair at the base of your neck and twist into a low bun, tying with an elastic and pulling out small sections for a loose, undone look. Another option is to twist sections of your hair back, starting at your ears, and tying or pinning them together any way you like for a more casual, messy style.  

The high pony

Pump it up with a high pony. Give it extra volume by pulling hair back and gently tousling the hair at the crown for extra volume and texture. You can also flip your head over and gather and tie the hair for a super-high, cheerleader-style pony. Secure with an elastic and wrap a small piece of hair over it if you don’t want it to show. Spray with hairspray (or better yet, glitter spray!) and you’re ready to party.

The easy twist

Haven’t you heard? French twists are back, and they’re so easy to do—trust us. If your (dry) hair is fine and hard to style, spritz some texture spray like Bumble’s Surf Spray or Aveda’s Texture Tonic pre-style. Then gather your hair into a low pony at the base of your neck but don’t secure it with an elastic—simply twist the hair a few times with your free hand, then pin the twist to the back of your head with some pretty, sparkly bobby pins. You can loosen your twist for a romantic look or keep it sleek for a ‘90s minimal glam look. It may take a few tries to get just right, but we know you can do it!

Straight and shiny

A sleek blowout starts with the right tools. We like Oribe’s Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray and Imperial Blowout Styling Crème for shiny, healthy-looking hair. If you’ve got places to be, try Aveda’s Speed of Light, which cuts your blowdry time to practically nothing. No matter which styling products you choose, section your damp hair and take your time blowdrying; if your hair starts to get dry before you’ve hit it with the dryer, mist with some water. Take your time and be sure to put a lot of tension on the hair to get it super smooth, then follow with a flatiron and comb, section by section. Run a shine spray or cream through your hair once you’re finished to calm flyaways and add polish; our go-to has always been Brilliantine from Bumble and bumble. And voila! You’re ready to be the center of attention, no matter the festivities.

But if you really do need us, we’re here!

We know, there’s really nothing that beats a salon blowout or updo. So if you’re really in a pinch or need some expert guidance—give us a call! We’re always here to get you looking and feeling your best!




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