Easy, Glamorous and Fun Holiday Party Looks You Can Definitely Do at Home

It feels like we blinked and the holidays were upon us, doesn’t it? Yesterday, we were enjoying cheese on a stick at the State Fair, and today, we’re trying to figure out the best places to shop on Black Friday and the perfect outfit for our slate of holiday parties. 

And speaking of holiday parties … the season is often jam-packed with festivities, from work events to get-togethers with friends and family. Sure, you’ve got your Thanksgiving dinner game plan on lock and your Christmas or Hanukkah celebrations down to a science, but are you ready to get all dressed up in your best for these important occasions? If you’re anything like us, you’re great at the decorating part, but sometimes struggle to find the perfect holiday party look. Plus, with limited time between all of your holiday to-dos, it’s not like you can always make it to the salon pre-party.

The perfect holiday hair and makeup looks don’t need to be overwhelming or over-the-top. Simplicity is key to nail the look and keep your sanity. These never-fail looks get us through the busy season looking great and feeling festive.

Basic Braid

If you like wearing your hair up and off your face, add interest to your go-to ponytail, topknot, or low bun with a braided detail. Sweep the hair at your temples up and braid away from your face, then pin securely near your ears. Add a little holly, mistletoe, some tinsel or a teeny bit of evergreen bough to your braid for a festive touch. If you don’t have the length to braid, we’re loving a braided headband, which you can buy online or make yourself with extensions. It looks like you spent all day perfecting your braid, but really, you just slipped it on! Another way to give your go-to look a little extra style is to gently twist your hair back from your face, almost like a Victorian style, and pin it, then stick a few glam rhinestone pins in for a throwback look.

The Topsy Tail Makes a Comeback

Yes, you read that right. Remember the “topsy tail” style we all rocked as kids? We were on to something, because the topsy is an easy and surprisingly elegant way to zhush up your ponytail—especially if you’re running from the office to a party and don’t have time to fix your hair beyond a few minutes in the bathroom. Pull your hair into a low, loose ponytail, then gently separate the hair at the nape of your neck into two sections and loop the ponytail through the hole that forms. Pull it and tweak the arrangement of your hair to your liking, then prepare for all the compliments and “OMG! I used to do that as a kid! So cool!” to roll in.


Give your look extra holiday glam with pins, barrettes, and headbands. Hair accessories made a comeback this year in a big way, and a half-updo secured with a big gold or brass barrette can be simple and stunning. There’s a reason your mom put you in black velvet headbands as a kid; they’re beyond chic no matter your age, though we recommend skipping the ringlet rag curls and going for an undone wavy or curly texture for a casual-meets-classic vibe.

Sparkle Party

Did you fall for “Euphoria” on HBO and its glittering makeup looks? We’re all about some sparkle, and adding (safe!) glitter to your eye makeup or dabbing red glitter on your holiday red lipstick is a chic and fabulous way to get glam for the season. Just make sure you’re using glitter that is safe for use on your face; craft store glitter is not allowed! Holiday parties are also the perfect time to get that sparkly manicure or buy a can of glitter hairspray just like you had when you were a kid—you’ve gotta compete with the New Year’s disco ball!

Channel Your Inner Rudolph

What’s a holiday party without a vibrant red lip? Nonexistent, that’s what! Indulge in the shades of the season with a rich red holiday lip; we love Oribe for high-glamour Hollywood vibes or Jane Iredale for a more subtle, natural flush. Slick it on with your favorite makeup look, whether that’s high-octane sparkle, a cat eye, or a big lash, and then hit the mistletoe.

If you really need a helping hand, book a styling session with us and let our talented stylists work their magic on you pre-party! We’ll do everything from a sleek blowout to a fancy updo—it’s all up to you!




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