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Do you have a daily routine? While we’d like to be as freewheeling and relaxed as some of our friends, we’ve found that a routine gives our day structure and helps us focus on what’s important. Remember when you were little and you’d get frustrated because your parents made you eat, rest and take a bath at the same time every day? Well, you probably benefitted from that schedule more than you thought. Kids thrive on routine, and it turns out that adults do too. The Harvard Business Review did a study of historical geniuses, and they found that many of them had some sort of ritual that they completed every single day. We may not be Dickens or Mozart, but we definitely agree that devoting a certain amount of time to a routine can be beneficial for your brain, your heart and your beauty.

Here’s how we practice a daily routine:

In the morning

Even quietly enjoying a cup of coffee or tea can be an important morning ritual. Try not to lie in bed scrolling through Instagram and instead sit down and focus on what you’d like to accomplish that day. Sip your drink slowly and really enjoy it instead of sucking it down and waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

Your morning shower is a great place to practice a routine, whether that’s with your skincare, hair care or even just spending some time with yourself free of distractions. (If you’ve got kids banging on the door, we feel your pain.) An easy skincare routine is to cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect—but ask your favorite esthetician if your routine could use a little tweaking. We’re experts, after all, and we want you to have your best skin ever. You’ll see faster results when you stick to a routine.

At work

Our stylists and spa pros are on their feet all day, but if you’ve got an office job, you might find it beneficial to set an alarm every few hours that reminds you to get up and walk around. In our busy world, sometimes that’s the only exercise you can squeeze in in a day, and that’s okay.

Another important routine to start is one that alleviates workday stress. Step away from the computer and breathe deeply, or even sneak in a little meditation. Keep Aveda’s Stress-Fix Concentrate or Blue Oil at your desk and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, too.

In the evening

One of the hardest routines to start is a workout routine. If you’re definitely not a morning person, get your exercise in after work. You can start with taking your pets for a walk around the block, or maybe download a “Couch to 5K” app. You’ll find that your body starts to crave movement, and those health benefits can’t be matched by any beauty treatment. (One day, maybe, but right now you gotta get up and move to keep your body in its best shape.)

At night, wind down so you can get a good night’s sleep. That means turning off your phones or iPads at least 30 minutes before bed—we know it’s not fun, but that blue blip of a text message can really interrupt your REM cycle! Opt for a book, or chill out by talking over the day’s events with your partner or your kids. Some people like to journal before bed, or take a few minutes to meditate, but if you’d rather zone out to I Love Lucy reruns, we don’t blame you. Just don’t make that a habit!



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