Defeat the Winter Blues With These Dry Skin Tips

Winter in Minnesota is here, and with it comes harsh winds, cold temperatures, and dry skin. 

It’s no surprise that having less overall moisture in the air takes a toll on our skin every year. It often feels like no amount of chapstick or lotion can keep our skin hydrated during these blistering months! This makes it the perfect time to evaluate and tweak our skincare routines, incorporating products and techniques to keep our skin feeling soft all winter long.

First Up: Hands and Feet

If you’re anything like me, cold weather brings cracked heels and chapped hands. I’ve learned that a daily application of Aveda’s Hand Relief and Foot Relief is a big help. My pro tip: Keep both on your night side table and apply liberally right before bed. This allows the product to work its magic all night long. Bonus: This product smells amazing, and I love that it continues to hydrate my skin through up to three hand washings. There’s a reason why this product is such a longtime favorite among clients!

Next Up: Lips

Ouch! Cracked and peeling lips never feel good. There are so many products out there that help moisturize and condition our lips during the winter season, but my favorite is the ORMEDIC Lip Enhancement Complex from Image Skin Care. I recommend applying this product at night right before bed as an overnight nourishing treatment. I also apply it throughout the day to keep my lips conditioned and soft. I especially love that this product comes in both a clear and a sheer pink version for a little added color when I need it. Bonus: This product also has a plumping effect, making our lips look more naturally full.

My Personal Skin Care Routine

This time of year is when I look at my skincare routine and add in some extra hydration and moisture treatments. Once a week, I sleep in the VITAL C Hydrating Overnight Masque. This extra step helps me maintain the moisture my skin needs during these harsh winter months! I also like to add an oil-based facial cleanser that serves as an easy makeup remover and is gentle on dry skin. My favorite is Éminence’s Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, which has jojoba and sunflower oil to keep skin feeling soft and hydrated.

The winter blues might have us feeling down, but that doesn’t mean our skin has to suffer. Stop into your nearest Cole’s Salon and try one of these products today!

Heather E. is the Director of Team Development on our Corporate team. She joined the Cole’s Salon team in 2007.



Heather Ehresman

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