Cutting Loose in Sarasota to Learn French Haircutting

Dreaming of a hairstyle where all you have to do is wash and go? With the French haircut, it’s possible—and it will soon be available at Cole’s Salon!

Last month, a handful of Cole’s designers had the opportunity to visit our friends at Cutting Loose Salon in Sarasota, Florida, to learn this specialized classic technique. Here’s what we learned, and why I think you’ll love it:

French Haircutting 101

At its core, the French haircutting technique frames the face with the shape of the head, resulting in a soft and sexy look. During the cut, the designer stands the guest up to cut the outline, then builds the haircut from the top down to get smooth, moving layers. French haircuts result in wash-and-wear hair that can be transformed into several different looks.

Bringing it Back to Cole’s Salon

The most exciting part about learning new techniques or mastering foundational skills is bringing that knowledge back to our co-workers and guests at Cole’s Salon. After learning all about the French haircutting technique and now working it into my everyday routine, here are three reasons why I think you’ll love the French haircut:

  1. It’s simple, fast, and foolproof. This technique allows your stylist to work smarter, not harder—and that ultimately translates into a better haircut for you, our guest.
  2. It’s fun. This technique allows us to look at your hair like an artist working with a canvas rather than an architect working with a uniform approach. It also allows you to be a part of the beautifying process.
  3. It lasts. All haircuts look good in the salon—the real test is what they look like a few days later when you’re left to do them yourself. So far, the clients that have been given a French haircut have told me their hair still looks salon fresh—even after multiple washes and styles.

If you’re looking to try something new in the new year—the French haircut will be available with select designers soon. Give us a call with any other questions!

Special thanks to our friends at Cutting Loose Salon—we look forward to our partnership!

Char Tourtillott is the Manager at Cole’s Salon Cedar Cliff. She can be reached at 651-454-1390 with any questions about French haircutting!



Char Tourtillott

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