Connecting and Recharging at the Intercoiffure Spring Atelier

You know the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? That’s not always the case, especially when a handful of Cole’s Salon team members headed to Las Vegas last month to connect, learn and share at the Intercoiffure Spring Atelier.

Intercoiffure is one of the most influential organizations in the hairdressing industry, and their annual workshop features a roster of top salon owners, stylists and educators. We always look forward to Intercoiffure events, because we get to take our new knowledge and skills back to our salons and share them with our colleagues and guests.

Here’s a snapshot of what we learned.

The Power of Human Connection

The theme of this year’s atelier was connection. In his keynote address, Dr. David Anderson shared powerful examples of connection and storytelling.

“There is value in our stories,” he said. “We need to keep telling stories to breathe life into other people. Connection is vital, and we need to embrace each connection we make with our team and our guests. We not only need to connect with our minds but also with our hearts.”

How can we apply this theme of connection to our day-to-day work at Cole’s Salon? As we keep moving toward a larger, more interconnected world through social media we must remember how powerful real-life human connection can be—and how our stories can help bring us closer together. When a guest walks through our doors, it is our honor and joy to hear their stories, to listen, and to share our own stories to give guests the courage they need to move their own story forward.

Human Connection and the Future of Our Industry

At Cole’s Salon, we believe the future of the beauty industry depends on this kind of human connection. It’s why we’re so passionate about providing each of our guests a welcoming experience when they visit our salon. When guests feel welcome, they feel comfortable. And when guests feel comfortable, we’re able to make that human connection and ensure they leave their appointment feeling better than when they arrived.

More than ever before, strong relationship-building is a must in the beauty industry; the longevity of our teams and of our guests depends on our ability to connect with each other. Thanks to our friends at Intercoiffure for reminding us of this, and for putting on another amazing learning event. We look forward to growing with you!

Heather Ehresman is on the corporate team at Cole’s Salon.



Heather Ehresman

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