Changing Your Beauty Routine: How, Why and When

Stop for a moment and think about the beauty products you use regularly—from lotions to potions, serums, moisturizers, balms and oils for your hair, skin and body. Now think about what you used today and ask yourself: Why do I use the products that I use? How long have I been using them? Do they still work the way I want them to? Do I still love the results or have I settled because it’s just easier to keep buying the same thing?

We get it—having a reliable beauty routine can be comforting and beneficial in many ways, but it doesn’t always last forever. There are many benefits to switching up the products you’re using—here are a few reasons why your products might need a jump start or change.

First, the one thing we always need

Before we talk about switching it up, let’s talk about the one element we should all use daily, no matter what: sunscreen. Rain or shine, January through December—everyone needs at least an SPF 30, every single day. On your face is a great start, but you’ll earn major healthy-skin bonus points if you apply to your neck, décolleté, arms, and hands as well.

Changing up products with changing seasons

This one is easy—changing up products is absolutely beneficial with changing seasons. Depending on the time of year, your hair might need more or less moisture than you’re giving it. It also might need repair in the drier months, or more frizz-fighting products in the more humid months. And remember, not all shampoos are created equal so find yourself the best one for your hair depending on the season!

Seasonal changes should also play a role in your skin care. Find something in the colder months that is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. For the warmer summer months, treat your skin with exfoliants or acid-based products to get that go-to glow. Another really great idea (for both skin and hair!) is to add in masks as needed. They are often forgotten about, but they make a huge difference and they are not something that is needed daily. They are easy to add in here and there for that extra boost of whatever you’re looking for!

Changing up products as we age

As we get older, or our hair and skin naturally change with time. We’re little balls of oil when we’re teenagers, but we lose a little bit more of that oil, collagen and hydration as we continue to age. You might also develop sensitivities to certain products or to the elements over time.

For hair, easy ways to battle dull, dry, and damaged hair is to boost shine and volume via hair oils (we love Oribe Power Drops), texture spray (hello, Aveda Texture Tonic!), volume enhancers (Oribe Volumista Mist is the best), and keeping up with your regular salon visits.

And if you want to bring back your glowing skin, book a facial! Facials deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving you feeling radiant and refreshed. Another option is a Dual Peel, a combination microdermabrasion and chemical peel that will restore your radiance for days on end. People will probably ask if you just got back from vacation—trust us.

Our products are always changing, too

We have new and improved products arriving on the regular. Last year alone, we brought in 20 new products for hair, skin and body! We have products that contain new curl technology, new products with 450-degree heat protection, breathable/non pore-clogging makeup, products that promote healthy lashes, neck creams, collagen shots, and much more! Come and experience something new and see what you might have been missing.

And if you’re wondering what might be a good change for your hair or skin, please stop into any of our Cole’s locations and we’ll gladly help you get your shine back! Or feel free to email me at arin@colessalon.com and I can quickly recommend a few things!

Remember, change is good—come experience what might be a good change for you.

Arin Pedersen is Retail and Service Advisor at Cole’s Salon Eagan Station. She can be reached at 651-456-9454 or arin@colessalon.com.



Arin Pedersen

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