Bobbing with Bumble

Summer is here! As the weather warms and we dream of days at the lake, road trips, and all those fun summer BBQs, a lot of our guests are thinking about letting go of some length for the season. That’s why expert Bumble and bumble educators James Ruiz and Britney Williams hosted two training sessions recently—to help all our team members master their techniques to get ready for the trends ahead.

The first session—”Art of the Bad Bob”—focused on a modern take on the traditional bob, creating a style that allows for optimal grow-out while maintaining this classic style. The second session—Art of Short Hair”—focused on short cuts that work best with the client’s lifestyle, personality, and styling preference. 

Our models/guests came in ready for a change! Most of our clients cut off TONS of length, which was so much fun.

Working face-to-face with Bumble and bumble educators is always a favorite experience of mine! Watching an expert work is not only a pleasure but a rare gift for stylists. I feel so lucky Cole’s is willing to bring these experts in to help us keep our skills sharp and learn about new industry trends. 

The educators do an amazing job personalizing your education so you walk away with not only new techniques but also a good grasp of ergonomic body posture. Ultimately this matters because not only will it provide a better service for our guests, but it keeps us designers feeling good, and that means staying in the industry longer. 

As I head back to my chair, I am looking forward to sharing the new looks and styling ideas I learned about with my guests. I also learned some handy time-saving techniques from the Bumble and bumble educators.

If you’re ready for a change and to lose some length, call one of our five locations today and schedule your next haircut! 

Abbie Dittman is an Advanced Designer at Cole’s Salon Eagan Station.



Abbie Dittman

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