Blush, Liner, Brows: Our Effortless Spring Makeup Trends

We don’t want to jinx it, but we’re making plans for winter’s final end and looking ahead to the warmth, the flowers, and the sunshine that spring promises. Along with it? The new makeup trends that are coming in just as hot.

This coming season we’re taking a simpler approach to makeup: Always looking sunkissed, glowy, and effortlessly stunning. Let’s talk about a few of the makeup trends that have started to surface in the winter and will come into full bloom this spring:

It’s all about the blush.

We used to take a simpler approach, dotting the apples of our cheeks or skipping it altogether in favor of bronzer. Not this season! You can use different forms of blush, be it creams or liquids, and layer powders over top for an even bolder result. This time around, blush can go everywhere and anywhere you want, and it’s fair game. 

Start by putting it right over your contour and high onto the cheekbones for the ultimate rosy, sunkissed look. Blush is much less area-concentrated than it used to be, so go all in! You can also add some to the center of the forehead, top of the nose, chin, temples, or even on the eyelids for a pop of color. When in doubt, yes, more is more!

White is the new black.

As trends go, something that was once hot is new again: Adding a white or nude eyeliner in the waterline of the eye! This gives the illusion that our eyes are bigger, brighter, and suggesting we actually got our full eight hours of sleep.

This is an easy one to try. After you complete your top liner and eyeshadow as you normally would, draw directly into the waterline all the way across with a white or nude eyeliner pencil. Follow with bottom mascara, and you’re done! This is a subtle, yet effective way to make any look pop!

Thick and fluffy brows rule.

I can’t stop loving this trend! We’ve come a long way since the 90s where thinner was the winner in brow styling. Now we’re leaving them longer, brushing them up, and coating them with a gel to lock them in place. We’re going for “frozen” eyebrows, so effortlessly fluffy and natural looking, but really using gel, pomade, or even a glycerin bar of soap to emphasize the thickness and shape of your brows.

To recreate this look, brush your brows upwards with a clean spoolie to get them in the shape you’re wanting. Then, add your clear or tinted gel and brush fully upward across the brow. You can run the applicator or a clean cotton swab along the top of the brow to give more shape and definition, but brushed up and feathered out is also an option!

Knowing the trends that have started to build momentum over the past year will keep you one step ahead for this spring! Spice up your look in these warmer months with heavy blush, brighter eyes, and fluffy brows! These looks are universal and will look amazing on anyone; or you can even combine them all together! The subtly of these trends makes them all too easy to incorporate, and your makeup will be ready to go for all the warm vacations, beach days, and all the other fun excursions you have coming in! Try them out!

Grace J. is an esthetician at our Cedar Cliff location. Follow her on Instagram at @esthibygrace.

Our team can help you bring these and other beauty trends to life this season. See what services we offer and book an appointment today!



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