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One of our favorite things about buying a new beauty product is discovering its fragrance. There’s really nothing like falling in love with a shampoo or a styling product after its scent follows you around all day. Have you ever experienced that? You’re at work or running errands and you keep thinking, “What is that delicious smell?” Well, guess what? It’s you!

Some of these classically delicious and aromatic products have become staples in our beauty regimen because they work and they smell amazing. It’s an added bonus! Which ones are your favorites? Here are ours:

Aveda Shampure
All of Aveda’s products smell amazing—they run the gamut from earthy to herbal to floral to refreshing, and everyone’s got a favorite. However, the most recognizable “Aveda smell” is probably Shampure. You’ll know it when you smell it, especially if you live in Minnesota. (Aveda’s everywhere! After all, it is headquartered in Blaine.) Aveda knows we swoon for Shampure, which is why you can buy it as a shampoo, conditioner, candle, dry shampoo, Composition body oil, body lotion, hand/body wash and a new dry conditioner that does double duty as a heat protectant. You can literally wear Shampure head to toe.

Oribe’s signature fragrance
We can’t even describe what Oribe’s signature scent is. It’s just really, really, really good. It smells expensive but not fussy, fresh and totally addictive. Honestly, it smells like your hair after an amazing blowout. Our favorite way to wear Oribe is with the brand’s iconic Dry Texturizing Spray, which is equally magical and gives your hair the best “undone” quality with sexy, tousled texture. If you really love the Oribe fragrance, you can even buy it in an actual perfume!

Bumble and bumble Crème de Coco
If coconut is your thing, then you’ll want to try Bumble’s Crème de Coco. It isn’t tanning bed coconut or super-sugary coconut, but rather a yummy, clean version that lasts and lasts. It’s obviously perfect for spring and summer; it’s not super beachy, but is one of those fragrances that will have people saying, “You smell so good! What perfume are you wearing?”

Eminence Organic Skincare
There’s no reason your skincare shouldn’t smell incredible, whether you’re getting a facial or just washing your face at night. Eminence Organics is obviously one of our favorite skincare lines, and the fragrances that come with the products are just as good. Since Eminence focuses on natural, organic ingredients and treatments, you know that you’re getting the good stuff in your cleanser, moisturizer or mask. The next time you apply your favorite Eminence product, take a moment to just breathe deeply and enjoy the power of aroma. Do you feel calmer yet? We do. Eminence’s products smell clean, natural and fresh, like you’re standing out in a meadow in the springtime sunshine. At the end of a long Wednesday, sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Whether you’re looking for a new beauty product or an actual fragrance, we know there’s something for you at Cole’s Salon. Come and explore the product shelves at your next appointment or ask your stylist for some suggestions; you may just fall head over heels for a new scent.



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