Beard Oil: A Bearded Man’s Best Friend

V76 Beard OilHaving maintained a beard for more than 20 years, Jason Thorman—Cole’s warehouse and janitorial manager—knows a thing or two about facial hair and all the challenges that come with it. Between normal cleanings and harsh Minnesota winters, dry skin has been a constant struggle for Jason. That is, until he found the perfect moisturizing product—V76 Beard Oil!

The V76 Beard Oil is a great solution for dry skin because it’s easily absorbed into his beard and illuminates dry skin. As his facial hair grows out and gets course, this oil softens his beard as it soaks in. And while it combats dry skin, Jason doesn’t feel like it gets oily. He only uses a small dab (pea-size amount) and runs it into his beard for 15 seconds. Since he doesn’t need to use much, he thinks the V76 Beard Oil is a great value, too. If you calculate the cost of a cleanser plus a separate moisturizer, it’s an awesome deal!

Another perk of the oil is the great scent! Just ask his wife, Michelle (wink, wink).



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