Ask the Beauty Expert: How Do I Get the Best Brows Ever?

Nothing transforms a face like the shape of your eyebrows, which is why it’s important to give your arches the right kind of attention they deserve. Many of you have reached out to me over the months asking questions about my own brows and how I go about making them look the way they do. So today, we’re talking brows!

Keep reading for your crash course in the do’s and don’ts of getting the best brows ever.

My Brow Journey

I am a classic tale of a girl growing up in the late ‘90s who took tweezing too far. Fast forward lots of years and I’m a grown woman with little to no brow hair. Now, a couple years back I did do my brows a favor and had them microbladed (which is a semi permanent tattoo) and I love the results of that. However, I still need to fill in the shape on makeup days to help them pop a little. I’ll talk about that in a bit!

Brow Shapes

Everyone has different eye and face shapes which means making your brows look their best takes a customized approach. There are three main components to creating a brow shape that looks natural for your face.

  1. The inner corner of your brows should start by being lined up with the outside corner of your nostrils. You can see this by taking a brow pencil, or angle brush and powder, and placing the tool on the outside of you nostril pointing straight up and make a small mark to show where to start your brows. If your brows are shorter than that mark, that is the area that needs to be filled in.
  2. Working on your arch, take the same tool and angle it starting at the outside corner of your nostril and make a line straight through the middle of your eye up to your brow. Where that line stops is where your arch should be.
  3. For the end of your brow, take your tool and make a line from the outside of your nostril through the outside corner of your eye and that is where it should stop.

When I first started filling in my brows, I found it helpful to make marks on my brows in these places so I knew where to connect everything. It also gives you the most natural shape for your face.

Tools and Products

I will point out that if you, like me, overdid it on your brows and you wish you had more hair, the RevitaLash brand that we carry makes a brow conditioner! This will help feed your brows and help fill in holes where hair is sparse and lacking. I have not yet used this product as I’ve been happy with my microblading, but I have SO many testimonials from clients and coworkers alike that are in love with the fullness of their brows thanks to RevitaLash.

We have three brow tools that I love (and use) to help achieve that #browsonfleek look:

  • Jane Iredale Retractable Brow Pencil: Comes in five shades from blonde to dark brunette. The colors look very natural and the pencil is thin which helps create small, detailed hair-like strokes. On the other end from the pencil is a spoolie—perfect for blending out lines that get too harsh. This is longwearing, waterproof and doesn’t smudge!
  • Jane Iredale Great Shape Eyebrow Kit: Three colors for this kit. Blonde, Ash Blonde and Brunette. Each kit contains brow powder, botanical brow wax (for areas that lack hair and need something for the powder to stick to) and a small angle brush/spoolie combination. This small compact gives really soft lines and helps build more depth in color.
  • RevitaLash Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel: This eyebrow setting gel helps sculpt, control and shape your brows for immediate and lasting results. Ideal for people with brow hair that needs to be tamed a bit. The best part about this product, in my mind, is the fact that the tint will not stain your skin. So if you have an “oops!” and accidentally mark the wrong area of your brows, it comes right off with a wipe of a tissue. This will only stick to your hair and gel them into place to enhance the hair your already have! This product became a staple of mine once I got my brows microbladed. I no longer needed to “draw on” my brows, but I wanted a product to go over what little hair I do have.

Shaping Secrets

This the fun but often frustrating part—practice, practice, and more practice (and tons of patience, of course)! Taking pictures of yourself shows clearly if one brow is off or not. I took a ton of selfies at first just to see where I needed to adjust my work. I now could probably draw on brows blindfolded!

What are your favorite products or techniques to get your best brows? Let me know!

Kate Moore is the Retail and Service Advisor at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. She can be reached with any product or service questions at 952-435-8585 or kate@colessalon.com.




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