Ask the Beauty Expert: How Do I Get a Salon-Style Bouncy Blowout?

As a former stylist of 14 years and now a Retail and Service Advisor at Cole’s Salon—I know the struggle to master the at-home blowout is real. But it doesn’t have to be! I have a little-known secret to help you achieve salon-worthy results—mastering the art of round brushing.

Here’s everything you need to know about round brushing and how to step up your home-styling game substantially.

What is a round brush?

First things first—what exactly is a round brush? It’s a cylindrical hair brush with bristles all the way around. Its round shape means it’s perfect for doing a continuous motion, making it the ideal partner for hair styling.

What supplies are needed?

To get that voluminous blowout at home you need a few key things:

  1. A clip
  2. The right round brush
  3. Appropriate product to support your style
  4. PATIENCE! You CAN do it with practice and patience!

The clip

So first of let’s talk about why to use a clip. I worked behind the chair as a stylist for 14 years and I did hundreds of blowouts during those years. A clip is an important tool because it helps you focus on one area at a time. If you look at your whole head of hair, it seems like a big task to get through it all, but if you go one section at a time though, it’s more manageable and you will get a better result. That being said, before you start sectioning and using your brush you should make sure your hair is about 80% dry first!

The brush

Now, onto the brush. It’s important to use the proper size depending on the look you want and length of your hair. The longer your hair, the larger the brush should be. Also, the smaller the brush is, the more curl you will see through the end of your hair. If the brush is larger, you will get more volume and lift. There are many great round brushes on that market but my personal favorite is the Ergo brush that we carry here at Cole’s. The barrel of the brush is longer than the average brush which means you can style more hair at a time. Your hair DOES NOT get caught in the handle or the bristles AND it helps speed up blow dry time. BOOM. It comes in a variety of sizes and are very reasonably priced.

The products

The type of products you should use to help support a blowout depends on your hair type and look you are trying to achieve. If you have frizzy or textured hair, you would want something to help smooth and hydrate. If you are like me and have fine hair, you would want something to help support volume. Make sure whatever you use, that one of the products has heat protection! You can always stop into any of our locations for the right product recommendation for you!

Patience and practice!

Getting to the point where round brushing is easy takes time! It will feel awkward but I promise it will get better with practice. Sectioning will help! If you see a designer, ask them to help give you a tutorial or watch you style a couple sections and then help point out what you could do to make it easier! Even if you don’t have a regular designer, you could make an appointment for a blowout and ask the same things from them.

And remember our designers are always here to help if you want a professional blow-out or just don’t have the desire or time to practice at home. Here’s to hair happiness!

Kate Moore is the Retail and Service Advisor at Cole’s Salon Burnsville. She can be reached with any product or service questions at 952-435-8585 or kate@colessalon.com.



Kate Moore

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  1. Hello,
    I am addressing this message to Kate Moore. Thank you for your passage on bouncy blowouts. This information is helpful. I have a question: Can I come in for a consult on my hair? I have a lot of hair, course, color my roots, have wave, round face with a little extra under the chin 🙂 and have mature hair (in my sixties). Who would you recommend I would see? This is an on going battle for me with the waves and a lot of hair and not sure how I should wear my hair for the shape of my face. I appreciate you taking the time to read my email. I hope to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Bonnie Lorenz
    Bonnie Lorenz

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