A (Minnesota) Wild Haircut

Would you be bold enough to get a haircut in front of more than 10,000 strangers?

What if you didn’t get to choose the style?

That’s exactly what happened at a recent Minnesota Wild hockey game, and I was the lucky stylist who got to do the cutting!

Prior to the game, a brave fan volunteered to participate in the intermission entertainment, in which their haircut would be decided by hockey fans. The audience was given four options to choose from up on the Jumbotron, including a mullet — a true hockey classic — and a full, bald-headed shave. Their cheers determined my “client’s” fate: a daring mohawk!

During the second period of the game, we moved to the arena atrium so I could get to work crafting the fans’ chosen style. The crowd got to witness the transformation firsthand, and my volunteer was immediately turned into a Minnesota Wild celebrity. I have to say, the mohawk cut suited his adventurous personality perfectly!  

The buzz of the hockey game, the crowd’s energy, and the suspense created an unforgettable experience. When the final haircut was revealed, the arena’s response was electric!

Feeling adventurous? I’ll be giving these surprise haircuts at select MN Wild games through April 2024. Keep an eye out here for the next hair adventure, and let’s go Wild!

Liz Lynk is a designer and Oribe ambassador at our Burnsville location. You can follow her on Instagram at @lizblaze.



Liz Youngman

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