A Cut Above the Rest: Cutting Council’s Protégé Program

As a part of our many continuing education opportunities, Cole’s salon is a member of The Intercoiffure America and Canada, which offers The Cutting Council Protégé Program. I was interested in the program because I wanted to advance my cutting skills. I applied for the program, then I did a zoom interview with Stephen Moody and a few council members including our President/ICA member, Trish Storhoff.

I was nervous going into the interview, but everyone was very easy going and (true to our industry), made it fun! I was ecstatic when I heard I had been chosen, as this was an opportunity that would challenge me not only professionally, but personally as well. This training was outside my comfort zone, but it was an experience I will never forget.

I was able to learn from some great mentors — Steven Moody, Josh DeMarco, and Stan Newton. Although I am comfortable with my skills, there are always new things to learn and ways to grow in this industry. Trends are ever-changing and techniques to achieve looks change as well. I feel it is incredibly important to continue your education no matter how long you have been in the industry. It helps to provide my clients with new ideas for their style!

The Cutting Council Protégé Program lasted 6 weeks. The first two sessions were theory, and the other four sessions were hands-on, with live models. Classes were 2–3-hours long, so I got plenty of instructional time and a lot of hands-on experience with the new techniques. Between classes, we were asked to practice the new skills we were learning.

After each session I was blown away by the results!  Not only had I learned a new way of cutting, but my guests all looked incredible and were thrilled with their results. I was certainly comfortable in my skills going into the class, but my cutting techniques were expanding, making me better able to serve my guests.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so I was in awe of the knowledge I was gaining. The training challenged me, but ultimately it was such an important experience to advance my skills. I am happy I put myself out there and went for it. There is always so much more to experience and learn in our industry, and I’m grateful for Cole’s support in allowing us ample opportunities to grow. I hope that I am able to do more with the three great mentors from The Cutting Council Protégé Program, as it was a highlight of my career so far!

Maddie is an Advanced Designer at our Apple Valley salon. You can follow her on Instagram at @maddie_colessalon.



Maddie Enright

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