7 Reasons We’re All About Short Hair This Summer

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Short hair and summertime go together like sunny days and ice cream. Remember when you were a kid and your mom would bring you in for your summer chop? She was onto something! When the temperature hits the 90s and the humidity feels thick and heavy, nothing feels fresher than a cropped cut you don’t need to fuss with.

For the past few years, short haircuts like the bob, the lob, and their many variations have exploded in popularity. While long, lush locks will never go out of style, there’s something so fresh and chic about a chop. If you’re considering taking the plunge and living the short hair life, let us convince you to make the cut.

There’s a cut for everyone.

No matter your hair texture or face shape, there’s a short cut that works for you. From pixies to French bobs to lobs, the possibilities are really endless. If there’s a certain short style you gravitate towards, save some pics to show your stylist at your next appointment, and if there’s a style you’ve tried before in the past and didn’t love, note that too! 

It keeps the attention on your face.

Don’t hide your gorgeous features behind your hair! A short cut can highlight your best features and minimize others. Love your eyes? Add bangs to make them pop. Want to contour your cheekbones? Layers can do that! Want to enhance your neck and decolletage? A sleek bob puts them front and center.

They’re easy to style.

No more fussing with long lengths! A short cut is faster and easier to style; give yourself a sleek blowout and rock it for a few days with the help of dry shampoo or find products that enhance your natural texture so you can wash and go.

You can say goodbye to dead ends and damage.

Need a fresh start? Say “see ya!” to split ends, dry lengths, and damage when you make the chop. It’s a great way to kickstart a healthier hair routine or let go of the length that was dragging you down.

It dries faster.

Taking a dip in the lake or the pool? Your air dry game will be much faster when you go short. With so many summer activities on the horizon, the last thing you want to do is waste time blow drying or fussing with your cut.

Short hair can make thinning or fine hair look thicker.

If you’re dealing with thinning, flat, or fine hair, making the chop can add bounce and visible fullness. Share your concerns with your stylist and they’ll help you find a short cut that enhances your hair instead of weighing it down. 

It’s modern and stylish.

So many celebs we love have gone short, from Halle Berry’s iconic pixie to Emma Stone’s messy bob and Victoria Beckham’s elegant cropped cut or Selena Gomez’s forays into the undone French bob with bangs. You can find inspiration for your new cut everywhere and have fun playing with it as it grows — and we’re here to help you find the perfect shortcut (pun intended) to great hair days.



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