6 Things We’re Grateful For This Holiday Season

We find ourselves abundantly grateful as we reflect on 2022 and look forward to the holiday season. This year our amazing brand partners have provided challenging education so that we could grow our craft and find new inspiration for our guests. We are thankful for our team – our veteran staff who have served our guests for many years and the stellar new talent who joined us in 2022. We are always delighted to have such wonderful guests and the support of the greater south metro community. You cheer us on, and the loyalty you have for all of us here at Cole’s Salon is something for which we can truly be grateful!

Here’s what our staff had to say about what they’re thankful for this year. 

Family – Both Chosen and of Origin

I am beyond thankful for my family and also for the family I have at Cole’s. The amazing clients I have and the amazing people I work with, day in and day out.  Family is everything, and family doesn’t always mean by blood! – Kelsey, Designer, Apple Valley

I am so thankful for my family, furry and human, our health, having an amazing job I love, clients that are now family, a roof over our heads, and the best friends ever! – Julie, Designer and Assistant Manager, Burnsville @julesnorstedt

I am thankful for the blessing of my daughter as well as the unending support of my husband. My support system at home allows me to be fully present at work and give my best each day. – Becca FIT Corporate Manager, Burnsville


I’m so very thankful for my health! It was one of my personal goals for 2022, and I’ve made sure with my schedule change to be able to focus on some me time. This included a set time three to four times a week workout to stay consistent, just like an appointment! I’ve found more strength and balance, which helps me focus better at work when I’m there to take care of my guests. This is definitely a habit I will continue! – Kelly, Esthetician, Apple Valley

I am thankful for my family’s good health! – Elizabeth Dittman, Cedar Cliff, Esthetician @estibyelizabeth

I’m grateful for my son’s recovery and that he is alive. Grateful for the positive culture at Cole’s – women supporting women. – Kim, Esthetician, Burnsville @Kimnatt45


The people—it’s all about the people for me! Thankful for our team members and guests who surround me each day! I love what I do because of you! – Kelly Weber, Manager, Savage

I am so grateful to spend time with family and friends! – Desiree, Designer, Apple Valley

I am so thankful for my amazing family, friends, coworkers, and clients. – Tracy Workman, Designer, Eagan Station 

Cole’s Culture

I am thankful I work with a company that cares. Cole’s has supported and inspired me in all 20 years I’ve worked here. They gave me flexibility when my kids were little. They inspire me to be a better stylist. They value a work/life balance. I love coming to the salon. It’s something new every time. – Kim, Advanced Designer, Eagan Station @Kimcolessalon

I’m grateful for my Cole’s family and unending personal and professional support. – Jen, Designer & Assistant Manager, Burnsville @jenstrean

Thankful for the awesome educational opportunities we continuously receive! – Hunter, Designer, Savage @hairbyhunter_colessalon

Our Team

I am grateful for all of our behind-the-scenes employees. Whether it’s our custodial staff, retail specialists, FIT team, corporate office, and my amazing manager, Kelly. Without them, none of our success would be possible! – Emma, Esthetician, Savage @emmaxesthetics

I am grateful for my amazing FIT team! The care and dedication they provide for our clients and service providers are so admirable. I don’t know what I’d do without them! – Amy, FIT Team Lead, Savage 

I’m grateful for always getting support from my inventory coworkers, especially Carrie and the Savage team! – Tammi, Inventory Site Specialist, Savage

I am so grateful for our incredible First Impression Team members!  Day in and day out, they come to work with a smile, ready to give their very best to serve our guests and service providers! – Megan, FIT Manager, Cedar Cliff

I am thankful for my loyal clients and my amazing coworkers, who make me look forward to come to work every single day! I am also grateful for my friends and family for being my biggest cheerleaders! – Hannah, Designer, Savage @hlrmakeupartistry

Our Guests

I’m grateful for the most amazing supportive clientele! -Liz Schlachter, Designer, Eagan Station @hairbizbyliz_

I am so very grateful and humbled that my guests trust me to help them feel and look beautiful. I am also so very grateful to work with the most amazing team that I am fortunate enough to call my work sisters. – Linnaea, Nail Technician, Eagan Station

Thank You to Our Guests

We’ve proudly served the south metro community for over 40 years. It’s not lost on us how you’ve graciously included us in your holiday traditions, whether buying gift cards, getting your hair cut and styled for a party, or sending us your family’s holiday cards. We are deeply thankful to share the holidays with you and yours, year after year. Have a beautiful holiday season! 



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