5 Travel Beauty Tips for the Holidays and Beyond

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means you may be embarking on some holiday-related travel to see friends and family this year! Travel isn’t always the most glamorous thing in the world; long waits, extended masking, weather, layovers, and traffic can all impact your trip, not to mention the stress of having to pack for your family and yourself.

Whether you’re embarking on your journey via plane, train, or automobile, these travel beauty secrets will help you arrive at your destination looking and feeling your best.

Pack smart. 

You’re probably not planning to bring every beauty-related item you own, and if you carry on, you can’t bring any liquids over 3.4 ounces along. If your hair and skincare products come in travel-friendly sizes, and many do, it’s worth grabbing a few of your essentials for travel-related purposes. If you’re traveling to see family, you can probably skip things like shampoo and styling tools if they have them on hand, but it’s worth making a list of what you actually use each day and editing your stash down so you only bring what you need.

Stay hydrated. 

Air travel is so dehydrating! Plane cabins are often cold and dry, so don’t forget to pack a tube of hydrating lip balm, hand cream, and a face mist and moisturizer to give your skin a boost mid-flight and when you land. If you’re taking a long flight, bring makeup wipes and a sheet mask to treat your skin from the comfort of the friendly skies. No matter how you’re traveling, stay hydrated and drink lots of water, even if that means a few restroom stops. 

Get a blowout pre-trip.

Don’t worry about your style while you enjoy family time. Visit us for a styling session so you won’t have to fuss with your hair when you land. Pack dry shampoo so you can extend the look a few extra days; Aveda’s is powder, not aerosol, so it can be carried on the plane, and if you’re checking a bag, you’ll never regret packing Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. If blowouts aren’t your thing, try braids for the trip and undo them for cute waves when you arrive.

Don’t forget your sunscreen.

You need SPF every. single. day. Even if you’re heading somewhere cold and wintry, make it a point to apply SPF 30 (at least) to your face, neck, hands, and any other exposed skin. You can get a sunburn while skiing, hiking, even driving, so make sure a bottle of SPF finds a spot in your suitcase.

And the most important beauty tip of all …

Wash your hands and wear a mask when necessary! Happy travels! 




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