3 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Winter in Minnesota can be a wonderful time of year, with the beautiful snow and bundling up to enjoy some outdoor activities. But the change in seasons and ensuing harsh cold and winds can wreak havoc on our skin. We go from hot and humid to cold and dry, sometimes in a matter of weeks.

Just as we change our wardrobes in preparation for the winter months, it’s important to change our skin care regimen, too.

Here are some easy ways to keep your skin happy and healthy this winter!

Tip #1: Exfoliate

Our skin can always benefit from regular exfoliation, but it can be especially beneficial in the winter. The two main methods of exfoliation are physical/scrub, and enzymes. Enzymes tend to be more gentle on the skin. Instead of scrubbing away dead skin, they work like little pac-men, dissolving away dead skin and impurities. Physical exfoliants, or scrubs, are more common and are what most people use. Exfoliating two to three times a week can help slough off the dead, dry skin and leave skin feeling and looking refreshed. We love Image Skincare’s Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask, because it not only exfoliates with gentle enzymes, but it also leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant by Eminence Skincare is a rice powder that is great for buffing away dry patches, but also brightens the skin with Lactic acid. You can pick up either of these products at any of our locations!

Tip #2: Protect

It may not feel beachy-keen out there, but the sun is still shining—and the winter elements are just as harsh. It’s just important to wear SPF during the winter months! Not only can SPF help shield your skin from the sun’s rays, but it can also provide protection from the harsh winter wind and snow. Image Skincare’s Prevention + Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer is packed with hydration and anti-aging ingredients and is a great daytime moisturizer with SPF 50. Eminence Skincare offers the Red Current Protective Moisturizer SPF 30, which is a great choice for more combination to problem skin types. It’s lightweight but still hydrating and contains tea tree oil to help soothe breakouts.

Tip #3: Be Thorough

Not only can the dry air take a toll on the skin on our face, but our body can seriously lack hydration, too!  Drink plenty of water, and don’t forget about your hands, feet, and the rest of your body when moisturizing, protecting, and exfoliating. The Apricot Body Oil by Eminence is full of healing oils, and smells amazing. You can add it to your bath for some extra hydration or apply it directly to your skin. It’s also great mixed with lotion! Aveda’s Hand Relief and Foot Relief lotions are always very popular during the winter season. They offer intense hydration for the feet and hands, and the Hand Relief can last through two hand washings.

For more skincare suggestions, feel free to schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable estheticians at any Cole’s Salon location. We would love to help you!

Crystal Mulvihill is an advanced esthetician at Cole’s Salon Apple Valley. 



Crystal Mulvihill

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