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Experience deep facial cleansing, steam and exfoliation partnered with a relaxing message.


Like the health of your body, skin care is a daily commitment and life long process. Consistency is the key to results. Indulge in a series of facial treatments for the softest, most radiant looking skin imaginable. We are committed to improving and maintaining the health, look and feel of your skin.

Facial Types


Restoring your skin’s texture and improving its clarity, microdermabrasion is a non-surgical service that offers safe and controlled skin abrasion for all skin types.

Peel Types

  • customized treatment lift $103 – $155

    Our chemical lift treatments are designed to target the signs of aging or challenged skin. Enzymatic or resurfacing peels can clarify skin and encourage cell renewal. Our Estheticians will provide a skin analysis to customize a result driven treatment plan for you. For maximum benefit, a series of six treatments is recommended.

  • Image Skincare ULTRA HYDRATING LIFT $195 - $245

    Image Skincare Ultra Hydrating Lift combines the exfoliation of an enzymatic peel with microdermabrasion to gently reveal younger more radiant skin. This powerful treatment deeply hydrates the skin and customizes in-service treatment serums to bring a long-lasting glow, plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Completely customizable for any guest looking for targeted results.

  • Image Skincare ULTRA TARGETED LIFT $195 - $245

    Our newest service, the Image Skincare Targeted Lift treatment is completely customizable for maximum desired results. Starting with a physical exfoliation that gently removes dry, dull skin is the first step in revealing a youthful glow. Targeting the signs of aging, texture, or challenges in the skin with our one of our resurfacing lift solutions is the next step in this treatment. We conclude with an ultra hydrating sheet mask and cooling massage to provide minimal downtime for glowing skin.

  • Micro Lift $175 – $215

    This service includes a Microdermabrasion treatment and a Treatment Lift to provide maximum results.

  • Microdermabrasion $135 – $175

    Restoring your skin’s texture and improve skin’s clarity. Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical service that offers a safe and controlled skin abrasion for all skin types. This service will treat for fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damaged skin.

  • Spa Microdermabrasion $160 – $200

    Combine a soothing facial treatment with an exfoliating Microdermabrasion service for amazing results and relaxation.

  • Spa Treatment Lift $135 – $183

    Our Estheticians will customize your treatment based on your concerns with this spa treatment. We combine our classic spa facial with our treatment lift for the ultimate in results and relaxation.

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