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Hair Extensions & Hair Thinning Solutions

Looking to add some length, volume, additional pop of color, or a combination?

Our customizable hair extension and hair loss options bring a boost of confidence to your hair.

Hair Extensions

With our professional hair extensions you can go from short to long, increase your volume, or just add a few fun colors. You can achieve volume, texture, color, highlights and color accents without the need for chemical services.

If you are interested in learning more, please call for a consultation with a professionally trained and certified designer.

Hair Extension Methods

easihair pro Tape in Extensions
easihair pro offers top quality 100% cuticle intact human Remy hair extensions. Tape in extensions are perfect if you’re looking to have longer, fuller hair without a long-term time commitment.

They are a great alternative to clip in hair extensions, using a thin adhesive band that last between 6-10 weeks. The bonding tape is watertight, so you’ll be able to style and wear your extensions without worrying about loosening your extensions. 

Cinderella Bonded Extensions
All Cinderella Hair is 100% Remy Hair, which means the hair cuticle is facing in the same direction. Cinderella extensions offer a unique bonding formula, made of organic protein. It’s designed to have minimal damaging effects on the natural hair when applied or removed.

With proper care and maintenance, Cinderella extensions will last between 4 and 6 months.

Hair Extension Consultation

Hair extension application, maintenance, and removal pricing are available by consultation only.

With a wide variety of hair textures, lengths, and colors, a consultation is necessary to appropriately match you with your best hair type and application method. 

Start your extension journey by booking a consultation with one of our stylists to find the best match for you!

Hair Thinning Solutions


Due to hair loss and hair thinning, many women can’t naturally grow thick, strong hair. 

Most long-term hair loss solutions still require women to shave the tops of their head to attach hairpieces—but not Revive! The Revive top of the head hair extension system is a patent pending product revolutionizing the hair styling world.

Revive includes a 3 piece system with a halo base that offers 6-12 months of wear with proper care. 

Revive Consultation

To get started with Revive, schedule a consultation at our Burnsville salon location to see if you’re a good match!

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