What I Learned from Beauty Powerhouse Stacey Ciceron

Brand Ambassador and Global Educator Stacey Ciceron is a name synonymous with beauty, innovation, passion, and determination in our industry. She’s a powerhouse, particularly in educating stylists like me on how to enhance our skills working with textured hair.

Skincare Today, Results Tomorrow

It’s never too early to get into a good skincare routine! Learn from Heather Ehresman from our corporate team, and get some ideas of your own.

7 Things I Learned from Curl Craft Texture Education Training

My colleague Liz Youngman and I got to spend one week in L.A. earlier this winter. And believe it or not, it wasn’t the weather I loved the most!  It was the incredible texture education class we took at Wella Studios, specifically the new Curl Craft series.  Here are my top takeaways and what it […]