Spray Tan Your Way into Spring

Posted by: Kate Moore

If you’re anything like me, once the long, dull days of February hit I can’t stop dreaming about beaches, warm air, sun and the beautiful bronzed glow it gives my skin. So when I discovered spray tans, I was thrilled to learn that I can bust through that winter rut AND get a radiant, just-went-on-a-vacay glow year-round!

Whether or not you are actually boarding a plane to a sunny destination, coming in for a spray tan will help you look the part. Let’s walk through the application process—and I’ll share tips on how to warm up winter skin without inviting UVA damage!

How Spray Tans Work

Jennifer, Esthetician at our Burnsville location, helped me achieve my bronzed goddess status this past week. Unlike standing in a spray booth (we’ve all seen that Friends episode), you are given a personalized, airbrushed service from a professional that won’t miss any spots or leave any streaks. Here is my before (left) and after (right) pic: 

It’s totally up to you what you wear during the application. Some wear a swimsuit for full body, others who maybe just want color on their chest, arms and face wear something with straps that come down. It’s really up to you and your comfort level! We also customize the depth of color by customizing the number of passes over the areas you choose. There are bronzing drops mixed in with the spray tan—immediate results while you wait for the tan to develop. Instant gratification!

How to Prep for Your Spray Tan

If you’ve decided to take the spray tanning plunge, there are a few things you should do before and after your first appointment for optimal results:

  1. Exfoliate areas that are to be airbrushed before coming in—focusing on dryer areas, especially knees and elbows. Don’t forget to shave your legs before, too!
  2. Wear darker, loose fitted clothing to your appointment or bring some to change into.
  3. Wait a minimum of 6 to 8 hours before you shower to give your tan enough time to develop. I like to have mine done later in the day and wait to shower the next morning.

Do these three simple steps and voila! You look like you’ve been to the Caribbean!

How to Schedule Your Spray Tan

We offer spray tans at our Burnsville, Savage and Apple Valley locations only. At both locations, we have three different options for application and cost:

  • Face and Neck – $20
  • Half Body – $34
  • Full Body – $45

Keep in mind that as spring break and prom season approaches, spray tan appointments fill up fast—calling a couple weeks in advance will insure you get the time slot you need. If you have further questions, or wish to schedule, give us a call! You can also email me with your questions!

Kate Moore, Retail & Service Specialist
952.435.8585  l  kate@colessalon.com

Kate Moore is the Retail and Service Advisor at Cole’s Salon Burnsville.

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